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About Shanda

Director of Supply

I have 3 great kids and 1 amazing grandchild, 2 scruffy dogs, and a boyfriend (aka husband of 30 + years, they are the same person, and even have similar personalities).   I was born in California, but I have actually been in every state in our Nation.

When Not at ThriftBooks

I enjoy crafting, camping, traveling, playing sports, going for dog drags, they drag me, not the other way around (but I don't enjoy the poop-scooping aspect tho), and I enjoy party planning and serving others.   

Recommended Reads

This isn't my best question, honestly, I am not much of a reader, as I am too busy with other things, I use to read a lot, but then had a Junior High teacher who forced us to only read her specific choices, and I lost interest.  So when I got to high school, as a sassy Sophmore, I was due to give a verbal book report in front of my class, I was always known as a goofball and enjoyed finding ways to make others laugh, usually at my own expense.  When the day had come for my report, I hadn't read anything, but fate would be shining upon me that day, and I went to the cafeteria and purchased a box of Cracker Jacks and inside I would be delighted to find that Father Fate blessed me with yes....a book in that teeny tiny little toy package amongst the caramel flavored popcorn and peanuts.  I managed to make my way through the 6 font print in the book, but felt I was now prepared for my public appearance.  As luck would have it, my name was pulled from the bowl on that day to present.  I stood before my fellow 10th grade peers and announced the name of my book and the author...."The Merry Monsters" by Jack McCracken.   FYI, I got a B on that book report, as I recall that was one of the best grades I received from that class!

Reading Now

I did recently read a book that was a true story based on local events that took place back in the early 1900's.  It's very, very creepy but yet fascinating at the same time.  It's called "Starvation Heights", and no, its obvious, it's not because I have an eating disorder!!

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