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Paperback Algebra the Easy Way Book

ISBN: 0812027167

ISBN13: 9780812027167

Algebra the Easy Way

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

This description may be from another edition of this product. Describes and explains uses of equations, polynomials, the binomial formula, exponential functions, logarithms, and much more, with exercises and answers. Over the years, Barron's popular and...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

This is the book that did it for me

I recieved a copy of this book in elementary school, one year before they were to put me into an algebra class. I first started reading it not because I was interested in mathematics, but because I liked fantasy novels. The way the characters get sucked into the explanation of the whys behind the relationships between numbers, etc... that was what made me become interested in mathematics too. Unfortunately when I started algebra I was way ahead of the other kids in the class and found myself bored and unimpressed by the way the teacher took something so interesting and made it simply dull busy work. But I learned something important from this book -- I didn't need teachers to learn mathematics. I soon found myself learning calculus during my freshmen year of high school and when it came time to apply for college, guess what my major was? You got it - Math...I attribute it all to this book -- this is where my love of math began.So on one hand, you'll learn algebra and possibly find yourself with a passion for math, but you may also find yourself bored and ahead of your classmates as well.

Great for teaching young kids! and the young at heart

If you have (or are) that extra smart young kid, who always seems to be a grade (year) or two ahead of his/her class in maths, this book is certainly going to be perfect for him/her (as it was for me). This was the book that got me interested in Algebra. Downing takes the reader on an adventure, explaining the basics of algebra through a story, and progressing almost to the very apex of general algebra. (He doesn't cover every single aspect of general algebra - I recall one example: Synthetic Division, there are others.) But for a child, who's ahead of the rest, you don't need to have everything just yet.This book certainly won't appeal to adults or older teens (who will easily get bored and turned off by the underlying story), but it was a great introduction for me when I was just turning the decade mark. It really helps you to understand Algebra as more than a bunch of things to memorise; it makes you see applications in every aspect of life. Once you (or your child) have finished this book, you'll be thirsting for more, and that's when you move on to a more traditional textbook to fill in the "blanks". After that, algebra will be running through your veins. With this solid foundation, trigonometry and calculus will be much easier.(The author also wrote similar books on Trigonometry and Calculus. The Calculus book was quite poor because the story began to intrude on explaining the concepts properly. [By the time you are ready to take calculus on, you should use a traditional textbook - like Anton or Thomas.] The trigonometry book was quite good, but I feel none can match the brilliance of this book.)

A great introduction to algebra!

My oldest child has begun to study algebra in school. Algebra, the Easy Way is a wonderful addition to her classroom studies. This book's approach explains the whys of algebra. It takes students beyond the "just memorize" it way of learning alegebra. To use this book effectively, I strongly suggest readers do some of the problems at the end of each chapter. You'll find the answers in the back of the book. Students who complete this book will be well on their way to being able to use algebra. My younger children have taken an interest in the book, too. The book's story approach has sparked their interest. Because of their young ages, they are moving more slowly through the book than the older child. Nonetheless, the book's approach has made algebra seem like a very natural idea to them. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in beginning the study of algebra.

Great book

I would recommend this book as a complement to an algebra course or even as a guide for adults who don't remember algebra. Instead of using the conventional method in which you have to memorize terms, this book makes you understand formulas and equations.

Ideal introduction to algebra for smart kids

The device of attaching math problems to a story line, and showing the efforts of the characters to solve them, is the key to this book's unique appeal for younger kids who want to get into algebra (and can handle the abstract thinking required). It captures their interest and can be read relatively fast, though the algebra is not watered-down so the book naturally does require intelligence and careful attention. The story line presentation guarantees that the focus is on insight, a characteristic that sharply distinguishes this "Easy Way" series of books from typical high-school or college texts.
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