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Paperback Blood Is Thicker Book

ISBN: 1591940168

ISBN13: 9781591940166

Blood Is Thicker

(Book #8 in the Bluford High Series)

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Book Overview

This description may be from another edition of this product. Hakeem Randall can't take it anymore. First he learns that he must leave his friends at Bluford High and move to his uncle's house in faraway Detroit. Then things go from bad to worse when Hakeem is...

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Hakeem Randall is the protagonist of this novel. His father has cancer, so he and his family have to stay in Detroit with relatives. He struggles to get along with his cousin Savon.


I got this book for a gift and aboultly fell in love with it. The supense is amazing and you never know whats going to happen next.Every chapter something new and exciting happens. I cant wait to read the next one. this book is worth every penny!

A Great Bluford Novel

S. Moore March 29, 2007 Book Review Blood is Thicker Imagine you are one of the popular kids at school, have a great girlfriend, a perfect life. Then your world crashes down and you are forced to move across the country, This is what happened to Hakeem Randall, the main character in Blood Is Thicker. In this novel Hakeem was diagnosed with cancer, which made him tired frequently. Since he couldn't handle his workload, he moved the family to Detroit where he would work in his brother's store. In Detroit, Hakeem was reunited with his cousin, Savon, who was perceived as a "bad seed" by his father and other adults. In the end, Savon and his father's relationship were restored, and Hakeem and Savon became friends. I recommend this book to anyone who likes stories with a happy ending. I liked Blood Is Thicker because it dealt with people who seemed real. In this book the best thing to happen to Hakeem in Detroit was meeting Anika, Savon's next-door neighbor. When Hakeem was outside, he started to play his guitar, which was his way of letting go of stress. Anika stood in her backyard watching him. When he looked around and saw her, they began to talk and he immediately realized that he liked her. This happened right after he discovered that he and Savon had to share a room. Anika was seventeen, like Hakeem, and was turning eighteen in six months. Since they were about to take her grandmother, who she lived with, to a nursing home, she decided to run away to California instead of going to foster care This was a good book because it was very interesting. Blood Is Thicker kept my attention throughout the entire time I was reading it. In the book, Hakeem and Savon got into a fight because Hakeem saw Savon sneaking out in the middle of the night. When Savon got home he put a large wad of money in his top drawer. Hakeem automatically assumed that his cousin was involved in the local robberies. When Hakeem confronted his cousin, he became defensive and they quickly began to fight. One day Hakeem decided to follow Savon when he left in the middle of the night, what he found shocked him. He realized that Savon wasn't a criminal he was a really good rapper. When Hakeem was going home, he was about to get jumped by a gang, when Savon came in and saved him. When they got home, Savon's father was ready to kick Savon out, but in the end the two of them reached a compromise. I also liked this book because it had a great story line. In the beginning, Hakeem had to leave everything he held dear to him in California- including his girlfriend of several months, Darcy. After a few months in Detroit, Hakeem's father went to the doctor to see if his cancer was still in remission. When they found out that it wasn't and that he had gained four pounds, they all celebrated. Then, Anika and Hakeem kissed, which made Hakeem, feel like the move to Detroit was worth it. Savon and Hakeem finally began to act like cousins should

Blood is Thicker review by Steven Martin

The title of the book was Blood is thicker by Paul Langan and D.M. Blackwell. It has 156 pages. This story is about a boy name Hakeem and his relationship with his cousin Savon. Hakeem and his family had to leave California and go to Detroit to live with his father brother James and his family. Hakeem dad had cancer so they lost their house because Hakeem dad had not been working and they used up all of their savings. Hakeem and his cousin Savon no longer go along with each other like they did when they were kids. Savor mom Lorranie and his dad James would say Hakeem was perfect and that made Savon dislike him more. Hakeem had one friend Anita a girl that Savor use to date. That made things even worst between the two cousins. Hakeem suspected that his cousin was robbing the neighborhood stores because he always had money and new things. Savon would sneak out of the house on the weekends and that's when the breakends would happen. Hakeem had a plan to follow his cousin when he followed him one night he went out of the house. Hakeem followed him one night he went out of the house. Hakeem followed him and you would not believe what he found out about his cousin that night. that night changed their whole family that night. Was it for the best or was it for the worst? You will have to read it to find out what happen.

Blood Is Thicker

It's about a boy whose name is Hakeem Randall and had to move to Detroit from California. After all that, he had to leave all his friends even his girlfriend, Darcy. He went to live with his cousin Savon. Then he found out that he was sneaking out and was bringing money back, which Hakeem thought he stole. Then one night he sneaks out the window and Hakeem goes and follows him then finds out that he's a rapper and gets paid for what he does. So after that they go home and live the rest of there life.

Blood Is Thicker

This book is about a boy name Hakeem Randall.Hakeem had a really good life at his highschool bluford,he had 3 friends that loved him alot and most important Hakeem had a guitar that he took every were with him.Hakeem lived to sing and he loved to play his guitar.Hakeem also had two younger sisters charlene and charmain his mom and his dad.The problems around the house were mostly with his dad for a reason.His dad had cancer and lost his job over the sickness.What bothered Hakeem the most is his uncle James in Detroit was offering him to stay at is house while Hakeems dad cancer will go away.He also needed a doctor to look at him and make sure that the cancer would go away.Hakeem loved his life in California hated to leave his friends and most important darcy his girlfriend that loved him so much.Hakeems dad often told him that he had to be the man of the house and that he needed to work and take care of the family for him.the family decided that they were moving to detroit and hakeem left his friends behind. When hakeem got to Detroit to his uncles house.There was only one problem. Savon. Savon and Hakeem were friend when they were young but its been forever since they have talked.Every since he got ther savon has been pushing Hakeem around all of it has lead to were savon been sneeking out at night and going to rap battles. were they rap for money.One night savon snuck out hakeem followed and Hakeem found out what he was up to in the end Hakeem and savon got friens because of that night were hakeem almost got jumped why its called blood is thicker.
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