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ISBN: 0310241634

ISBN13: 9780310241638


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This description may be from another edition of this product. In the year 1912, nineteen-year-old Christy Huddleston leaves home to teach school in the Smoky Mountains -- and comes to know and love the resilient people of the region, with their fierce pride,...

Customer Reviews

6 ratings

Christy is one of my all time favorites.

I could read this book over 100 times. My only disappointed is the Catherine Marshall was never able to finish her sequel.

The story I always return to

I read Christy when I was in fourth grade. Even so young, I think enough ofmy personality had formed to enable me to recognize myself in her. Ihad the same relentless desire to fight injustice, and, like Christy, Isometimes went about it the wrong way (such as arguing with my teachers,parents, and principals:)). Fervor is difficult to reason with. I am nownineteen years old, the same age as Christy was when she left Ashville. Ihave recently picked up the book and reread it, and I am astonished tofind all my feelings and thoughts perfectly mirrored in those incrediblepages. True, I am not a teacher in the Smoky Mountains. Instead, I am aphilosophy major attending college. But the story always seemed to me tobe about the elemental feelings and changes in Christy, not merely aboutwhat happened to her. Millions of different circumstances play out in themillions of different lives every day. But there is unity in humankind'sresponse to a situation. My best friend has never died, but I've knownsorrow. I don't battle moonshiners, but I've known struggles. I've neverseen the Smoky Mountains in the morning, but I've known joy. I've neversewn buttons onto a little girl's coat, but I've known growth. When I readChristy, I don't focus on the events that changed her. I find my greatestbond to the book to be those very human feelings Christy experiences,those very human feelings that we all share. All the emotions Iexperience when taking in the events of my life, I find echoed back to methrough Christy. And that is why it is the story I will always return to.

A beautiful new edition of Christy

This book tells a story based on Catherine Marshall's mother's experience as a mission school teacher. In this book, a nineteen year old girl comes to the mountains of Tennessee to teach and she grows into a prayerful woman. Her life unfolds with a romantic triangle, her lovely young students and prayer, her faith in G-d always guides her. It is a beautiful, once in a lifetime book, well worth buying and reading.

Wonderful book! Spiritually enlightening!

This is one of the best religious, spiritual books I ever read! In 1912 nineteen-year-old Christy embarks on a journey to the Appalachian mountains as a "missionary" to the mountain people, hoping to bring them spiritual nourishment and awakening. But in the process, it is Christy herself who undergoes some spiritual awakening.This story is in some way an indictment of Calvinist theology. Christy asks Alice Henderson, the Quaker missionary from Pennsylvania who God could allow a girl to be raped and a woman to be hanged. In other words, how can a sovereign God of omnipotent power allow His own created being to do evil. Alice responds that God would HAVE TO if He has given us our own free will.But the greatest test Christy faces is when a typhoid epidemic hits the mountains in early autumn, and her dearest friend, Fairlight Spencer, is the first victim. What were the power of a few germs to that of the Sovereign Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe? Christy rants. ...This book says a lot about human responsibility and how not to blame God for everything that happens, especially when people do wrong to others.

A wonderful treasure

This book is one of those rare novels that offers more to the reader after each read. Many delightful, inspirational little nuggets are tucked into the passages. All of the characters are 3D creations that breath off the page: Christy, the eager, passionate, idealistic young teacher, Fairlight, the homespun princess, Little Burl, the lovable student, Dr. MacNeil,the enigmatic physician, David, the confident preacher, Miss Alice, the woman with quiet depth and wisdom, and so many more. By book's end these characters are flesh and blood, their stories being spun out beautifully, but never cloyingly, against the proud, stubborn, hard, life of the mountains. Christy is so many things; a suspense, romance, adventure, religious, and biographical book, yet not one of the plot lines ever seem strained or outrageous. Perhaps because this story is rooted in fact and Catherine Marshall handles her characters and their actions lovingly. The TV show did not hold true to the book in so many ways, Christy was not given the "desire to grab life" as she had in the book, Miss Alice was turned into an officious, plow-ahead kind of character, David fell short of his vigorous, charming, confident portrayel in the book (what happened to the "booming voice"?). All together I felt disappointed when the show would veer into sentimentality and cheesiness, although I'm sure the director never meant it too. But I love this novel and have read it again and again. I will also continue to do so whenever I am in need of a good book.

Encouraging story!

While reading Christy, I couldn't help but wish I could be as bold and courageous as this nineteen-year-old missionary teacher. Christy, a young woman beginning her journey in faith as she moves from a well-respected town into a mountainous chaos, has always felt she was more than just a nice dress at fancy tea parties, and proves herself true in this inspirational story. Defying her parent's wishes, Christy leaves her home and moves to Cutter Gap, a crude community in which the children are in deep need to learn. The people of Cutter Gap are extremely proud of their heritage and wonder about this new woman from the city coming to teach their children. Ms. Alice Henderson, a woman who helps with the mission, is Christy's inspiration to keep going even when she believes failure has beaten her. David Grantland, the preacher of the town, is immediately drawn to Christy's courage and independence. Dr. McNeil, the only doctor in the community, is also drawn to Christy and the light that shines through her as she finally becomes an accepted part of Cutter Gap. As she teaches a classroom full of encouraging young faces, she also learns herself that you have to keep trying and never give up on your dreams. When tragedy hits her with all its might, the love for one man will bring her back to the world, to him. This tale of courage and love will pull at your heart!
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