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Club Dead (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 3)

(Book #3 in the Sookie Stackhouse Series)

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Book Overview

This description may be from another edition of this product. Sookie's boyfriend has been very distant-in another state, distant. Now she's off to Mississippi to mingle with the underworld at Club Dead-a little haunt where the vampire elite go to chill out. But...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings


Es un excelente libro, me encantaron todos los personajes, y ahora se que pasa en la serie antes de verla en TV

Better than book two ...

Sookie Stackhouse was only interested in one vampire and that was Bill, her boyfriend. However, Bill seemed to be putting some distance between them recently. Then he disappeared to another state! His sinister and sexy boss, Eric, said that Bill had been summoned to Mississippi by Lorena. She was a lady vampire Bill had lived with for some time before. That was enough for Sookie. She was on the way to Mississippi. Alcide Herveaux was to be Sookie's contact/guide. He was a werewolf. With his help, Sookie could enter places that mere mortals seldom dared tread, such as Club Dead. The vampire king of Mississippi (yes, readers, you read that correctly) was Russell Edgington. Russell took interest in Sookie very quickly. Eric arrived on the scene, in disguise as usual. Several attempts were made on Sookie's life and Bill was caught in an act of serious betrayal against Sookie's love. Sookie was not sure whether to save Bill or sharpen a few stakes of her own! ***** Much better than book two. Again, this mystery could be read as a "stand alone" book. But the main and secondary characters remain the same. The love triangle between Sookie, Bill, and Eric gets much rougher. That triangle is enjoyed more by those who have read the first two previous books though. This entire series, thus far, is humorous, fun, very sexy, and highly recommended! *****

Darker, more violent but still FINE

I'd give CLUB DEAD a 4.5 if that were possible. First off, I really love this series. It's unique in its supernatural chills mixed with insightful social speculation, lusty romance and hoot-out-loud hilarity. (Hamilton's Anita Blake series, you say? Puh-leeze.) So I approach it as a solid 5 just for great world building and characterization, then work down from there.I won't bother with a plot summary since it's already been done but this book is less balanced than the first two in the series. The characters are still vivid and grow in suprising but logical ways. Sookie is just as tough, wry and clear-sighted about her own situation and vulnerabilities. Her lover Bill The Vampire's unexpected treachery suprised me but Harris is nothing if not tough minded. She's consistently sprinkled reminders throughout all the diverting humor and action that vampires are fundamentally different; they do not share conventional human morality or emotions. Vampire area boss Eric is still a gorgeous hunk who cheerfully lusts for Sookie but shows signs of being a more simpatico, genuine friend, albeit somewhat reluctantly. (He's still a vampire and "doesn't *like* having feelings, remember.) The introduction of hunky (and breathing) Alcide the Werewolf, hung up on the Ex-Girl Friend From Hell, makes a poignant counterpoint to Sookie's situation. And Bubba, oh my GOD, the ineffable Bubba...(This raving won't make a lick of sense to anyone who hasn't read the series but betcha anyone who HAS can't keep from chortling.)As always w/ this this series, there are some purely wonderful scenes. Sookie and Alcide nervously trying to dispose of a corpse wrapped in a shower curtain, "like a big green burrito." And as usual Harris seamlessly, suavely injects unexpected humor into horror and vice versa. An appalling bloodbath at Club Dead jolts weres and shapeshifters, already jittery from the full moon, into drifting through the carnage as falcons, German Sheperds and a stray bison. It's pretty danged disconcerting to snicker during a scene where the thoroughly likeable main character gets a stake driven into her side. But that leads to my one caveat about this book. It's exhausting in its relentless violence against Sookie. Over the span of a few days she's subjected to one horrific assault after another, bam, bam, bam. She isn't granted any respite or downtime and neither is the reader. Even after her harrowing rescue of Bill from the torture chamber--a logical watershed moment--she's ambushed and/or brutally assaulted two more times (once by Bill) and then once again when she finally, grimly flees home. Maybe the constant violence and terror (no matter how deftly leavened with wry humor) set up Sookie's decision to slam the door against her dear undead but the book still ends with a thump. The relentless tension never really gets released; it just...ends. I'm sure (uh, I *hope*) Charlaine Harris will back-fill the aftermath in the next book. (Soon, please!) It just

Whimsical and biting!

Another wonderful book in the Southern Vampire Mystery series. Sookie Stackhouse is back once again, caught up in the search and rescue of her Vampire lover/boyfriend Bill, a Civil War Vet turned vampire, who has gone missing in Mississippi. More than one mystery unfolds in this short but excellent addition to the series. Ms. Harris brings together all the wonderful characters created in the first 2 books, including Elv.. I mean Bubba, and has expanded into other territory, with new "Supes" (supernatural creatures - mostly Weres) while bringing the reader more definition to their abilities. Big-hearted Sookie is no push over, even when faced with the dilemma of her enigmatic and purportedly cheating boyfriend. Back to make Sookie's life difficult is the amorous and sexy vamp Eric (Bill's boss). A new big and brawny werewolf, Alcide, steps into the action to help Sookie find Bill and keep a werewolf posse out to avenge a missing member of the gang at bay. At the end of this book I let out a BIG cheer for Sookie! I can't wait for the action to pick up in the next book. Please Ms. Harris, don't make us wait too long!
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