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Paperback Creative Correction Book

ISBN: 1589971280

ISBN13: 9781589971288

Creative Correction

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

Drawing from her own family's experiences and from interaction with other parents, Lisa Whelchel offers creative solutions for parents who are out of ideas and desperate for new, proven approaches to discipline. In addition to advice on topics such as sibling conflict and lying, Whelchel offers a biblical perspective and down-to-earth encouragement to parents who are feeling overwhelmed. A handy reference guide that provides ideas for specific situations...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

reviews can be misleading: Give this book a chance

I read several reviews of this book and the comments people made. One of the things about this book that makes it different is that in the most recent edition Lisa Whelchel includes a chapter on young toddlers. I can honestly say that there isn't much out there to help parents with little, little ones. When I read this two years ago, it was encouraging to me. It encouraged me to think creatively--whether I chose to use Lisa's ideas or ones I came up with myself. One thing I want to note most is the need for grace in these reviews. I heard Lisa speak last year and I asked a question from the audience about what she recommended for strong willed children--and whether she felt any of hers are strong willed. I can't honestly remember her exact response, but what I do remember is that her words were filled with grace and love for her children. She had a good solid perspective of her children--rather than one tinted by rose colored glasses, yet she loved them with all her heart. When I read her book, I felt that what she recommends is couched in the grace that comes from her heart--that discipline is never a one size fits all kind of thing.

Another book I highly recommend

This is a great book for resources when you just don't know what to do with your children to discipline them and 'train them up in the way they should go'! It has a great index in the back so you just have to look up the behavior you're trying to correct i.e. whining or lying or disobedience and it will have the corresponding page with bible verses, a story of a lesson learned and many ideas of creative disciplinary actions for the children. There are many, so I had to mark my book with tabs. Some work for your children at different stages and what didn't work before, could work later on! Great resource! It also has applicable bible verses to learn about why that offense is not right in God's eyes and an applicable prayer to teach your children to pray about their offense. We still need to coach our children in the how to pray and ask for forgiveness-that does not come naturally to us-sin does-asking forgiveness to clean our hearts does not! Thanks Lisa Welchel and MOPS (mothers fo preschoolers) for introducing this book to me!

Very practical parenting!

Love the way practical parenting ideas are presented in this book. The index for scriptures references and topics covered is especially helpful. Highly recommended!

The Alternative to Ye Olde Spanking...

First off I'd like to say that yes, there is a chapter on corporal punishment, but Lisa totally tells you to take it or leave it as you see fit! That being said, my opinion of this book is that 95% of it is devoted to giving parents ALTERNATIVES TO YE OLDE SPANKING. Lisa encourages parents to go for the heart of their child, teaching kids how to make choices and how to live with both positive and negative consequences. This comes in handy when they suddenly hit adulthood and MUST pay taxes and MUST face both the positive and negative consequences at work (as well as in their personal lives). All in all, I find it a well-written, entertaining, encouraging book that permits me to lay a choice before my children (would you like to put your plate in the dishwasher and earn 5 cents, or leave it on the table and pay mommy 5 cents to put it up for you?), and let them choose! A.L. Travis Author of The Pillar of Light: The Legends of Milana Series [...]

Don't believe the negative

I am bothered by how many people pull small sections of the book out and twist it to make it sound like abuse but leave out the important part! For example: Many of the negative reviews talk about making a child stand alone in a room for hours. NEVER does it say that. Her point is when kids argue about bedtime and start to whine and refuse to let them stay up - but they need to stand alone in the room and as long as they stand there they can stay up. The child is now forced with a choice-obey and go to bed or stand alone in a room. Trust me, they won't stand alone there for very long - definitely not all night. They are being taught that there is consequences to there decisions and actions that they take. They have also brought up handcuffing kids who are fighting together....and how horrible it is that she suggests this and it's abuse....what they're not putting in their reviews is that she says to use TOY handcuffs and the object lesson is that they learn to WORK TOGETHER while handcuffed to do minor chores or to eat or to do simple tasks - causing them to learn to work to complete the task together. Let's face it - siblings fight - for no reason and sometimes just because. They also mention the mall - where she tells them to "walk backwards", etc. What they leave out is that she's teaching them obedience that may one day save their life. And to a kid - doing stuff like this in a mall is a total blast and a fun game! They need to get their "adult" views out of it. How would this save their lives? If they've learned to obey without question on basic things - they will obey without question say if they have a brown recluse spider (very deadly) on them and you need them to stop immediately, obey to the letter when you tell them to "stop, do not move a muscle". Or you hear a rattlesnake and you need to find it before moving. Or your somewhere and gunshots ring out and you need them to drop to the floor, or an earthquake hits and you need them to listen to you and obey immediately. What you don't want in these situations is a kid who starts to whine, bargain, ask why, keep walking, not listen etc. Don't like the "curve" of the "no, you can't go to the bathroom?" THEN DON'T DO THAT PART! I don't. But teaching children to obey without question is a good thing (it has saved us a lot of battles at bedtime, teethbrushing, homework etc) Her methods are teaching kids that family is important, words hurt and that they need to work together not fight with each other. I guess the negative reviewers did not want to mention that part because it would counter what they were trying to do - keep you from buying the book. Is everything in this book for everybody? Of course not - i've yet to read a book (besides the Bible) that will work for everyone. Some of her creative ideas have had a miraculous outcome with my son - and it was immediate. I get angry less, he acts better and thinks before he acts, is repentant immediately when he kno
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