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Dark Guardian (The Carpathians (Dark) Series, Book 8)

(Book #8 in the Dark Series)

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This description may be from another edition of this product. "The queen of paranormal romance "--J.R. Ward, New York Times bestselling author The ninth book in #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan's paranormal Dark series. They were masters of...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Fantastic! A Must Read!

"Dark Guardian" by Christine Feehan is the 8th instalment in the wonderfully sensual and intriguing "Dark" series, and once again Feehan does not disappoint. With fresh and likeable characters and a storyline filled with passion, danger, and suspense, "Dark Guardian" will leave readers cheering Feehan's remarkable talent.Lucian, one of the legendary ancient Carpathian twins, has spent the last several hundred years pretending to have turned vampire in order to keep his beloved twin (Gabriel of "Dark Legend") from turning vampire himself, knowing that Gabriel had a lifemate out there somewhere. And now that Gabriel has found his other half, Lucian feels his mission has come to an end. For the years he has spent hunting and killing the undead have left a stain of darkness on Lucian's soul, and he has grown weary of his endless colourless and emotionless existence. But Gabriel's lifemate, Francesca, insists that she knows of Lucian's lifemate, and that this woman desperately needs Lucian's help.And indeed Lucian does find his lifemate, feisty lady cop Jaxon Montgomery, who has dedicated her life to protecting others. But Jaxon has had a nightmarish start in life, with a crazed stepfather who murders everyone who gets close to her, including her biological parents and little brother, and her beloved foster parents. As a result, Jaxx lives a solitary and lonely life, never getting too close to anyone for fear that it will get them killed. So when Lucian appears out of the night to save her from a bust gone wrong, she immediately fears that Lucian will become the next target of her stepfather Tyler Drake's bloodlust.Recuperating in Lucian's huge and lovely home, Jaxx becomes aware that Lucian is no ordinary man. But though she witnesses some of his remarkable powers, she still fears for his safety. Lucian, on the other hand, is not at all concerned about one mortal man, ex-Navy SEAL though he might be, but he is incredibly touched by Jaxx's concern for him. Jaxon fears the deep connection she feels between herself and Lucian, and doesn't know how to live as one half of a couple after a lifetime of being utterly alone. But Lucian is remarkably gentle and understanding with Jaxon, giving her time to adjust to all the changes in her life. Because Lucian knows the one thing he will never do is let Jaxon go, for she is the light to his darkness, the very air he breathes and the other half of his soul.But Jaxx is like a beacon of light drawing the soulless undead to her, as they all know that a human woman with psychic powers can be converted into one of them. Indeed, Lucian makes the decision that the only way to keep Jaxx safe is to convert her into a Carpathian, and it was a refreshing change to have a heroine who simply dealt with the change and moved on, rather than agonizing over it. Together, Lucian and Jaxx formulate a plan to draw out the undead hunting Jaxx and Tyler Drake. And there is no chance that Jaxx will sit back while Lucian

Dark Series Just Gets Better

It amazes me how Christine Feehan has created a race of people called the Carpathians, developed several books about the different characters in this race, and still manages for each book to be refreshing, sexy, and suspenseful. Where does this woman get her inspiration for her leading men? Dark Guardian is Lucian's story. He is the most powerful, elite warrior of the Carpathians. In fact he is the guardian of his race. Now he has met the woman who can change his existence. She can give him back his emotions, sense of color, and ability to love. She is Jaxon Montgomery, a police officer who has spent her life trying to survive the destruction of her childhood, the death of not only her family, but her adopted family, on the constant lookout for the man who will kill anyone who gets too close to her-her stepfather. Lucian, in order to protect Jaxon, makes her into a Carpathian. He takes away her ability to be in the sun, take nourishment from foods. She must now exist on blood like him, but in return gains powers she never knew existed. Together they learn to coexist while taking care of the bad guys. This is a pretty neat story and like all of Feehan's books, almost impossible to review because you just have to read them to get all the details. Ms. Feehan writes one of the most complex series in paranormal romance. If you haven't tried one of her books, grab one and I really feel you'll be searching for all of them. Ms. Feehan has it all in her books--paranormal, excitement, sex, suspense, gorgeous leading men-everything.

Ms. Feehan delivers again---Lucian is not to be missed!!

Jaxon Montgomery has spent her entire life looking over her shoulder, waiting for her stepfather to strike once again. He'd murdered everyone she'd ever loved or let herself get close to, and she never knows when he might strike again. She has spent her life training to be a protector.Lucian Daratrazanoff is Carpathian. He's the Carpathian that their own people whisper about in awe, that even while they depend on him for protection, they fear. He's the greatest, strongest in existence. He's walked the Earth alone for over two thousand years, and thought never to meet the light to his soul, his lifemate. And then he meets Jaxon. After suffering horrendous injury in a set up, Jaxon awakes to find herself in the most incredibly beautiful home, with the most luscious man she's ever laid eyes on. She immediately fears for him, that her stepfather will be hunting him for having helped her. Lucian has to teach Jaxon about Carpathians, about their ways, and that he fears no humans. And that they are destined to be together for all time...Ms. Feehan has penned the most wonderful love story!! Lucian is the alpha male, the greatest of his race, yet it's wonderful the way he adjusts his thinking for Jaxon. He understands her enough to be willing to step back in his beliefs at times, to let her be her own person. Jaxon was someone I felt sympathy for in the beginning, and had tons of respect for by the end. The two of them together were the perfect match, and the humor and wit that Jaxon abounds with in the story are not to be missed. Every time I think she can't get any better, she amazes me and does! DO NOT miss this book!!

Another great read from Ms Feehan!!!

I have read all of Ms Feehans' books and I believe that this is one of her best. I enjoyed reading about Lucian, the great Carpathian guardian who after a long and stark existence finally finds his lifemate. Centuries of hunting the undead and protecting human and carpathian alike have taken their toll on our hero, and just when he is ready to end his existence he finds Jaxx.Jaxxon Montgomery, a strong, modern woman who refuses to sit back and allow Lucian to "protect" her from the dangers in her life. Jaxx, a police officer, has spent her young life guarding those closest to her against the threat posed by her sociopathic step-father. As the events of their meeting and courtship evolve, Jaxx and Lucian establish a relationship to be envied as evidenced by the bantering between them. I recommend this book to all those who enjoy a good romance with a little suspense added in for flavor.

An excellent book, the best yet in the Dark Series

The world of Christine Feehan brings to us the story of Lucian and Jaxon. Lucian is one of the most powerful Carpathian male to hunt and find his lifemate. Jaxon is a wonderful, adaptable character that makes me proud to be a human woman. They have the right mix that gives a delicious balance to the story. I enjoyed the clashes between them. The fights and opinions remind me a lot of Mikhail and Raven in Dark Prince. This story has just the right amount of suspense and love. Once you began reading this book, you will not be able to put it down. It is definitely a keeper. I can't wait for the next installment in this saga. Keep writing Christine Feehan.
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