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Dark Melody (The Carpathians (Dark) Series, Book 10)

(Book #10 in the Dark Series)

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Format: Paperback

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This description may be from another edition of this product. Lead guitarist of the Dark Troubadours, Dayan was renowned for his mesmerizing performances. His melodies stilled crowds, beckoned, seduced. And always, he called to her to complete him. Corinne...

Customer Reviews

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Dark Melody, a treat for lovers of paranormal romance.......

Dark Melody Readers ReviewDayan is a lead guitarist of the Dark Troubadours and a gifted musician. His voice and the gift of music enthrall the listeners. Women adore him, but he lives in a world void of feelings and emotions. World of black and gray. Living in hope that he will meet her, the one that will bring him out of the darkness into the light. His life mate. When Dayan finds himself playing with the local band, his friend and traveling companion Cullen Tucker wonders why. Corrine Wentworth loves music. She is a music writer and a musician in her own right. A very talented person with powers of her own. Telekinetic powers. Her dear friend and sister-in-law talks her into going to the local club for some fun. A fan of the Dark Troubadours, she is taken by surprise to see Dayan, the lead guitarist playing with the local band. What surprises her even more, is the attraction she has toward Dayan, and his very personal interest in her. For Corrine things have not been easy to say the least in the last year. Her husband has been murdered. She is now a widow and pregnant. The pregnancy that may very well cost her, her life.Now that he has found her Dayan is determent to keep her safe at all costs. With determination, born of desperation and love, he will not let even death take her away from him. The Carpathian healers come together to help Dayan and his life mate, and their unborn child. I found this "Dark" book very emotional. A true love story, with mystery and suspense, even a touch of humor at times. The characters are strong and very real. The author's style of writing brings the characters to life, so much, so that the reader is experiencing the feelings and emotions along with them. The story line flows and grabs the reader's attention to the end. This is a long awaited book for this reader, and I was not disappointed.A wonderful creation, a treat for lovers of paranormal romance.I highly recommend this book. Find a comfortable chair, your copy of Dark Melody, and a box of tissues, then sit back and enjoy. Happy Reading!

Not dissapointed!!

Dayan has walked through the darkness for centuries, waiting for the one woman that would bring him to the light. He has wrote thousands of songs, singing to her, trying to beguile her to coming to him. When he finally finds her, he is shocked by who she is and what she's been through. In all his years of exsistence, Dayan never considered the possibility that his lifemate would come to him dying and pregnant with another man's child.Corinne Wentworth only has one more mission in her life before she dies. And that is to give her baby life. That is all she wants to do, until she meets Dayan. She has always been a person who embraces life, and she is determined to spend her remaining time left with Dayan. Although it seemed as if some of the passages were redundant of her other books, I was touched by the story of Dayan and Corinne. I have waited for this book to come out for a long time, and I wasn't dissapointed. The courage that Corinne had will touch the reader, and the ordeal that they go through to save her and her baby's life brought tears to my eyes. I understand why the other reviews are critical of this book, but I don't agree. Each of Feehan's books have their own unique characters all centered around the same thing...being Carpathian. I don't think there was any way this book could have been better than it was!

The Saga Continues.. Dayan's story .

Christine has done it again ! The Carpathian's are a breed of people that are being hunted by fanatic's who believe that they are vampires. They are not vampires, in fact they hunt the vampire to keep Human and Carpathian's alike safe. This is Dayan's story. He has finally found his lifemate but she has a heart condition and is dying. To make matters worse, she is pregnant. He is put into a position that no other Carpathian has ever been put into. He must put his lifemates health and happiness above all else, but there is a baby to consider. He cannot save her life without possibly killing the child. The story line is powerful and gives insite as to just how compasionate these Carpathian's really are. I also recommend that you read her other books as well. There are alot of other characters in this book and their stories were told in previous books.

Dark Melody, a true heart stopper

Dayan, lead guitarist of the Dark Troubadours is a Carpathian male struggling with the beast within. Seeing his family one by one find their lifemates leaves him feeling very much alone. Knowing that he must find his lifemate soon, he and Cullen Tucker, a human,(from Dark Fire) are traveling incognito, staying one step ahead of the human hunters, while Dayan searches for the one woman who will make him complete. Lisa Wentworth and her sister-in-law, Corrine enter the bar where Lisa heard Dayan will be playing, a treat that Lisa wanted to give her sister who has followed The Dark Troubadours for years. Dayan jamming with the local band playing for the lifemate he has yet to meet is stunned when Corrine walks in the door bringing colors and emotion to his dark and gray life. Troubled by the knowledge that his lifemates heart struggles to beat; knowing that her damaged heart will make their coming together a challenge, Dayan is forced to stall his natural instinct to claim her, her heart unable to handle the emotional turmoil. The demon within roars in denial when he discovers she is pregnant with another man's child, placing her in even more danger as her heart struggles to sustain life for the two of them. Danger lurks everywhere in this emotion packed story as Dayan and Corrine work to find their way to becoming the lifemates they are destined to be. Corrine and Lisa are stalked by The Morrison Center who is targeting them since Corrine is a psychic; they were the ones who murdered her husband just after she got pregnant. Equally as dangerous is Corrine's pregnancy, an almost certain death sentence. Corrine does her best to hold on to life, determined to save her child even at the expense of her own life, while Dayan is equally determined to save her life and the life of the precious daughter that she carries. Dark Melody tells the tale of deep familial love, the terror every mother feels when the life of her unborn child is in danger, the courage to carry on under the most trying difficulties and the love that allows true lifemates to beat even the most daunting odds. Ms Feehan has you on the edge of your seat in her latest Carpathian story. You will be terrified by the killers stalking the foursome, praying as they work to save Corrine and her child, crying as Dayan and Corrine face the very real possibility of her death and cheering for Darius, Gregori and Shea, the Carpathian's greatest healers to reach Corrine in time to save her and Dayan. Be prepared to stay up all night reading to the dramatic end of Dark Melody.

Worth the Wait

Dark Melody should also be called Dark Reunion, because many old friends from the previous "Dark" series finally came together to aide Dayan and his pregnant,dying lifemate, Corinne. This book arrived at my house yesterday and I finished it last night. It was everything I expected in a "Dark" book and more. The humorous interaction between the male Carpathians made me chuckle. The determination of the heroine Corinne to live long enough to give her baby a chance at life pulled at your heartstrings. Although all of the "Dark" books are well written, these characters had that something extra that had you rooting for them throughout the whole book. I must admit the secondary heroine, Lisa, with her inability to grasp reality made me want to shake her silly. Especially when because of her,she,Corinne and her baby, and even Cullen (from Dark Fire) were put in mortal danger. You rejoice that Cullen finds love again(even if it is with Lisa). The only bad thing about finishing a Christine Feehan "Dark" book, is having to wait until the next one comes out. But I suppose I can go back and reread the series from start to finish again. It will be like revisiting old friends.
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