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Paperback Dead Is the New Black Book

ISBN: 0152064087

ISBN13: 9780152064082

Dead Is the New Black

(Book #1 in the Dead Is Series)

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

Welcome to Nightshade, California--a small town full of secrets. It's home to the pyschic Giordano sisters, who have a way of getting mixed up in mysteries. During their investigations, they run across everything from pom-pom-shaking vampires to shape-shifting boyfriends to a clue-spewing jukebox. With their psychic powers and some sisterly support, they can crack any case Teenage girls are being mysteriously attacked all over town, including at Nightshade...

Customer Reviews

6 ratings

Insults the reader's intelligence...yes, even a middle schooler

Middle school teacher here. I'm debating even putting this on the shelf. I bought it based on reviews without holding it and flipping through. The protagonist has insufferably low self-esteem and jealousy issues. I don't mean in a relatable way. From my Goodreads review: 1. The main character is unlikable, not in the, flawed, realistic kind of person way. No, she just flip-flops constantly about people and perspectives, is self-conscious to the point of causing second-hand embarrassment for the reader, becomes jealous in a flash, and assumes the worst of everyone...until she immediately flips. She is obsequious, judgemental, has a temper and is secretive. It makes no sense why anyone is nice to her at all. 2. The author attempted to do the "Ooo, does he like me? Gosh, my self-esteem is so low I just can't tell!" trope, but didn't even do it well. She literally goes on a date with the guy, who is holding her hand, saying nice things, and then immediately suspects he is just doing it for the investigation. He continually sends totally unambiguous labels (literally saying he likes her) and a few pages later when he wants to talk she assumes its to breakup. She then internally applauds herself for keeping people around so he can't do it. 3. The plot is downright illogical AND the development of it is nearly non existent. The plots juts ruuuuuns through moments and feels rushed (despite the fact I was longing for this book to end). For example, within the first few pages an entire week of school has gone past and we are supposed to feel bad for our protagonist Daisy, who hates the cute cheerleaders, especially her former best friend who now might be a vampire. Later, when her psychic mother needs help with a criminal case, Daisy's plan is to sneak to the morgue to look at the body. She has no powers or special ability but feels so left out for not being psychic she just does dumb things.Her crush Alex just goes with like that's a good choice. What?! 4. This author has made a weird sub-plot about the protagonist's relationship with food. She is never described as overweight, yet she talks about regretting eating doughnuts when she has to run. She comments on other's weight. She says it makes sense that she is on the bottom of the pyramid. Another character says that cheerleaders don't eat lunch. The way it is written its like Perez thinks it's both cute and positive that she is worried about her weight. It was a negative and jarring trait. Sure people worry about their weight, but why include it in a middle grade/YA book for a normal sized teenager? 5. The freakin' language is so not teen-like. The romance is also...just dumb. "..Ryan reached over and gave me a kiss. Quick, but tasty. The fast food of kisses." The only saving grace of this book is that it is short.

fun, enjoyable & clever

i really enjoyed reading this book, certian parts made me laugh out loud and i cant wait until the next book comes out (in kindle edition)

Physics Mystery and Myth

In a quaint little town called Nightshade lives Diasy...... When stange things start happenimg it is up to Daisy to save the day!

Daisy is instantly likable and everyone can relate to the angst that is the teenage years

Daisy Giordano is a junior at Nightshade High and a "norm." Her sisters have inherited her mother's psychic abilities: one can read minds and the other has the gift of telekinesis. Her father, who vanished mysteriously five years ago, was also a "norm". Though her mother assures her she is probably just a late bloomer, Daisy can't help feeling left out at home. School is not much better. Her former best friend Samantha, the "it girl" and star cheerleader of Nightshade High, has returned from summer vacation sporting the "walking dead" look complete with the mini casket on wheels she drags behind her. When Daisy is encouraged to join the cheerleading squad, she wonders what complete humiliation Samantha has in store for her this time. Daisy's mom, being psychic, works with the town police chief on tough cases. When her mom seems stumped on a case involving the mysterious death of a teenage girl, Daisy is determined to help her. It doesn't hurt that the police chief's son just happens to be her best friend and the cutest guy at Nightshade High. But when the girl's body mysteriously disappears from the morgue and the girl herself makes a surprise appearance at Daisy's first pep rally as a cheerleader, things get really interesting. Marlene Perez has done a fabulous job of creating the town of Nightshade, California where nothing is as it seems and no one is who they seem to be. (Cue Twilight Zone theme here). Daisy is instantly likable and everyone can relate to the angst that is the teenage years and struggling to find your place in the world, even if Daisy's world is a touch more supernatural than most. The plot twisted, turned and kept me guessing right up until the very end. I thoroughly enjoyed this first installment of a promising new series and I am looking forward to reading about Daisy's further adventures in Dead Is a State of Mind. Reviewed at Bitten by Books Paranormal Fiction Review Site by Lori The Bitten by Books review score for this book was 4.5 Tombstones

Young adults will love this story

The small town of Nightshade is known for its odd occurrences dating back several hundred years. So you may understand that it came to no surprise to Daisy when her ex best friend Samantha Devereaux showed up at school dressed completely in black, paler then normal, and dragging a coffin around as her latest accessory. Samantha is the head cheerleader at Nightshade High School and the most popular, even though the girls are only juniors. Whether dragging around a coffin was the latest cool thing to do, or Samantha was now a walking dead person, Daisy does not know. Either way, Samantha seems different and needs to be watched extra carefully. Daisy comes from a family of psychics but she is a norm with no powers to speak of. While her sisters can read minds and use telekinesis, her mother uses her powers to help the police solve crimes. The latest case involves a dead teenage girl. Daisy enlists her best friend Ryan Mendez to help her solve the mystery. But when, one by one, teenagers are having seizures and wind up in the hospital with mysterious illnesses, Daisy realizes they must work quickly before another person dies. Will Daisy and Ryan solve the case or will they end up the latest victims to this supernatural person? Who is the culprit and how come the police haven't caught them by now? Will investigating this case reunite Samantha and Daisy as friends? Dead Is the New Black is the first book in a new paranormal Young Adult series by Marlene Perez. The story moves along at a fast pace with romance, humor, and a mystery to keep readers intrigued. The characters are completely original and eccentrically hilarious. I would have loved to read a book like this as a teenager, and I am sure the Young Adult readers will find a lot to their liking in this story. Overall, there's plenty of fun to be had in Nightshade, so dive right in and enjoy! Armchair Interviews Says: An exciting paranormal that the Young Adult readers will hungrily devour!

Enchanting Review: Dead Is The New Black

DEAD IS THE NEW BLACK MARLENE PEREZ YA Paranormal Mystery Rating: 4 Enchantments Sixteen-year-old Daisy Giordano is used to unusual things, after all, everyone in her family has some sort of psychic ability, well, everyone except her, that is. Also, her hometown of Nightshade, California is known for peculiar happenings. Things really start to get strange when cheerleader Samantha Devereaux shows up with the new dead look. Soon everyone is copying it, right down to the miniature coffin, which can be a pain to take to a club. But, when teen girls start getting attacked, Daisy thinks Samantha has something to do with it. She's determined to find out the truth even if that means joining the cheerleading squad. Daisy might not be psychic but she'll use her own skills to help solve this mystery. Hopefully she can figure this out before others get hurt too. Dead is one fashion trend she can do without. Take a fast-paced paranormal mystery, add a dash of romance, humor, and attitude and you're sure to be hooked, I know I was! Daisy was a modern day Nancy Drew who just happened to be looking for the vampire she's sure was causing all the recent problems. I really enjoyed Ms. Perez's fast-paced storyline and realistic characterizations. I could really relate to Daisy's way of handling stressful situations, it was so realistic. I wanted some of her homemade tiramisu. If you're looking for a fun paranormal series, this is the one. The sequel Dead is a State of Mind will be out next year. Marlene Perez is the author of Unexpected Development, which was named the ALA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers. She lives in Orange County, California. Kim ENCHANTING REVIEWS August 2008
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