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Definitely Dead (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 6)

(Book #6 in the Sookie Stackhouse Series)

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This description may be from another edition of this product. In this novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, supernaturally gifted waitress Sookie Stackhouse is pitted against the legacy of her own undead bloodline in that most haunted of cities, New...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Definitely Good!!

Sookie Stackhouse is a telepathic waitress in the South. In this latest installment Sookie has to clear out her recently departed cousin's apartment. But this is rather strange since Sookie's cousin was already dead - she was a vampire. Again Sookie is thrown into vampire politics. Her cousin was the lover of some vampire queen who is going to marry a vampire king and this may have something do with her cousins death. While the main focus is on this investigation Eric and Bill show up and Sookie develops maybe a new love interest...we will see. Also the investigation involving Debbie turns up again. Fans of Sookie will enjoy this latest book and people new to Sookie will find it easy to catch up.

Sookie Grabs The Tiger

Sookie Stackhouse hasn't exactly been in relationship heaven lately. Her romance will Bill the Vampire is over. And Eric, the local head Vampire can' t get it through his head that a short fling is not love forever. And Alcide Hervaux, once the werewolf of her dreams was now dating someone else. So when Quinn the weretiger showed up and talked her into a date Sookie was glad of the opportunity. But Quinn and Sookie's date is interrupted by a surprise attack by rogue werewolves, and that just begins the trouble that's coming. A psychotic family seeks the fate of their missing daughter. A new girl shows up at Sam Merlotte's bar. And a minister lectures Sookie on the sins of dating vampires. But Sookie is a telepath, and dating humans is hopeless. Vampires cannot be read, and weres are murky at best. For Sookie, supers are her best mates, regardless of what normal folk think. And one has to admit that dating the dead can be a lot more exciting than popcorn and a drive-in flick. Perhaps, too exciting. Sookie's cousin Hadley meets a sudden ending and Sookie must go to New Orleans to take care of her estate. Hadley, was a vampire, a consort to the vampire queen of Louisiana, and the Queen commands Sookies presence and help in recovering a diamond bracelet before it's disappearance triggers a vampire war. Sookie sets to work with more than her share of deadly moments. This is my one and only vampire 'romance' series. I don't like gush and throb stories, nor hours of kinky sex with occasional bits of plot. Charlaine Harris has managed to skirt the thin line by making Sookie a tough but endearing character who cares for her friends, likes a good looking man (or wolf or tiger) but doesn't tolerate guff from her opponents. And Harris understands that the sexy bits are only OK if there is a story worth reading underneath it all. If your looking for a wry southern vampire series with a solid cast start reading about Sookie Stackhouse.

still great

Why can't all writers keep getting better with every book instead of getting worse? Harris has created another winner. Like normal, this book picks up right where the last left off. Even though we, the readers, have been reading about Sookie for years now, we have only read about a little over a year of Sookie's life. Now that Sookie has become more experienced in the mens department, it has brought her confidence and assurity. Assurity that she has decided to put Bill permenitely out of her life. You'll understand what sets her off when you read the book. She's also off the Alcide kick and she told the leader of the lepard colony that she's simply not interested. You go, Sookie! I know! I sounds like Sookie is a guy magnite, but your wrong. Humans, you know, those nonmagical beings, don't want to have anything to do with her. That's what you get when you can read all their little dirty minds and they know your reading all their little dirty minds. But why is Sookie the star of paranormal world? Harris explains in this book. Trust me, you'll think, Oh! Well, now it all makes sense! The only thing I disliked about the book was all the strings still hanging, I mean, I know it's a series, but I hate having to wait like a year to learn anything more. Regardless, it's not a big enough deal to make me give it four instead of five stars. Oh, by the way, are you wondering who is Sookie's love interest now? Well, Eric is still around--sort of. But the main squeeze of this book is Quinn--the shape shifting bengal tiger from the previous book that got Sookie all hot and bothered cleaning up her wound--with his tongue, no less! Anyway,he comes and goes (because of his job) and Sookie is set and determined to do it right this time, so their taking things real slow. I mean reeeeaaaaalllll slow. HA! ;-)

paperback junkie

I was dissapointed with, Dead as a doornail, but very much enjoyed Definitely Dead. I liked Quinn and Sophie (the vampire queen), and I was so glad to see Sookie tell Bill where to stick it. Let's face it as loyal boyfriends go he is a snake. Of course I would always like to see more Eric and Pam.

Definitely Delightful

I love the Southern Vampire series so much. I have enjoyed every last book - to the hilt - and this one was no exception. What I love is how the books are heartwarming, heartbreaking, poignant, funny, suspenseful, romantic...all at once. The characters are amazingly well drawn and Sookie's evolution from book to book as she gains confidence, experience, and some hard knocks is so fascinating. That alone makes this installment worthwhile. Sookie is definitely a bit snappish throughout the book, but she's also more confident, more sure of herself - more willing to take initiative. She's tired of being manipulated and she's trying, as hard as she can, to get control of her life. It's no surprise that she's on the bristly side. Sookie visits New Orleans and learns more about how vampire society works - she meets the Queen, who wants to employ her directly. So the power relationship is obviously shifting a bit between Sookie and the Bon Temps supes. I think this is a Very Promising Development. The romantic interest here is Quinn, a were-tiger who oozes machismo. I found him a little bit campy. Eric and Bill appear - not often, but enough. There are some *major* revelations in that department, which pleased me inordinately (And, not to give away too much, but I have loathed Bill since Dead Until Dark). There's also more afoot on other fronts - the continuing drama of Debbie Pelt & the Fellowship of the Sun & Claudine's mysterious presence. I always feel totally drenched in the physical environment of the Southern Vampire books - Harris writes about the south in such a vivid way it can make a die-hard California girl like myself want to visit Louisiana just to see the pollen or drive down a narrow country lane. New Orleans, however, gets a more-or-less minimal treatment: Sookie doesn't get much of a chance to explore. Alas. A year until the next one comes out.
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