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Hardcover Echoes Book

ISBN: 0385336349

ISBN13: 9780385336345


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Format: Hardcover

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Book Overview

Against a vivid backdrop of history, Danielle Steel tells a compelling story of love and war, acts of faith and acts of betrayal...and of three generations of women as they journey though years of loss and survival, linked by an indomitable devotion that echoes across time. For the Wittgenstein family, the summer of 1915 was a time of both prosperity and unease, as the guns of war sound in the distance. But for eldest daughter Beata, it was also a...

Customer Reviews

6 ratings

Wow! I'd? Like. To! Have? Been! There. Just? For? That? Crazy! Little? Number! It's? All. Good! Thou

| I, hope. I'm? Not? Stepping! On? Anyone's! Foot. Here! Look. Out? We're? Already! Improvising? Here! As? It. Is? If? We. We're? To! Just. Be. Prompted! To! Just. You! Know? Choose? To! Do. Something? Else? Here! And go? You. Know? In. A different? Direction! So! Quickly? Just! Up. To! No. Good! Not? Asking? Nothing! I, never? Talk! To! Them! About. It? A lot? Different. Attitude! Now! It's? The most? Gratification! That? One. Person! Could. Ever? Ask! For? In. A human! Being? Just. To! Be. Yourself! And I'll? Just. Worry! About. Me! And to! See? It. All? Come! To! Life. Like? I, said. It's? Not? A bad! Way! To! Wake! Up. Here! Every? Morning! Now. Is? It. Every? Chance! I, get. There's? Not. A whole! Lot? Of? People. That? Just? Know. About! This. Is? There. We've? Talked? About. It? Before! But. Never! To! This. Extent? And now! Here. We? Are? Finally? Being? Able. To! Do? It. Here! Just. All? On? Our! Own. Here! So! There. It? Is? Just. In? Case! Anyone! Ask's? I, gotta. Be? Up? At? The butt! Crack? Of? Dawn! So! That? Doesn't. Leave? Me. With! Too? Much! Time. Here! On? My? Own! Now! Does? It. I, hope? I, don't? Just. Hurt! Myself? But. Limit's? Are? Meant! To! Be. Pushed! Do? You! Know. What? That? Mean's! Alright? Now! That? You. Know? The truth? The scenery! Here. Is? Amazing? It's? Like. No! Where? Else? On. Earth! Before! The rest? Of? The world? Wake's! Up. And find's? Out. About! This. Now! Just. Step? Back! A little? Huh? I'm? Not. Getting? Any! Feedback! On? Top! Of? That? We're? Getting! No. Where? Fast! Let's? Take. A look? Before! We. Add! Our. Foundation! We're? Getting? Started! We're? Not. Finished! I'm? Loving. It? Perfect? This. Is? Such! A stress! Reliever? So! Today! Conducted! To! Form! I've? Got. A few! Thing's? Here. You! Know? Just. To! Figure? Out. Here! Caught. It? Before! It. Became! Serious! Is? Finally? Coming? Together! Outside? It's? Looking. A little? Eerie? The rain! Then. Getting? Into? It? There. Are? Many? More. Complication's! For? This. Poor? Boy! My? Life. Was! Just. A whole? Lot? Simpler! Until? You! Guy's? Just. Showed! Up. What? Are? You! Oh! Who? Knew! Just. The day! Before? You! Can? Just. See? It. For? Yourself! For? A better. Life? From? Where? We. Stand! Friend! Or. Foe? I, been? There. You! Got? To! Change! They're? Build. We're? Talking! It's? The best! Deal? I've? Seen! Here. They're? Make! Up? Perception! Of? Thing's! Try? To! Go. Into? A different? Direction! A lot. Of? Back! And forth? Like. Whatever? For? Some! Reason? We're? Not. Even! Close? What? We. Did? Was! Stupid! For? Sure! Just. As? A new! Day! Just. Dawn's! I, thought. You! Just. Might? Be. There? I, feel. A whole! Lot? Better. So! That's? Where? We're? At? Yeah. Ugh? Hugh! That'll? Be. Fine? Right. There? And practice! A whole. Lot? Of? Practice! Oh. That's? Not? Important! At? All? It. Took? No! Time? At? All? It. Started? To! Actually? Look. Like? An. Actual? Item! Come. Together? Are? Just. Kind? Of? Useless! Here! At? A certain! Point? But. It's? Better. To! See? That? Now! You. Don't? Want. To! Have? To! Wait? Open! Up! Because. That's? How? It's? Suppost! To! Be? Along! With! It? Amazed! By! The view? The condition's! Aren't. Ideal! Here. At? This. Point? Doesn't? Have? To! Be. Back! At? My? Place? Don't. Ever? Make! Me. Come! Up. Here! Again? It. Is? A good! Idea? Though! Dressed! To! Impress! We. We're? Just? Right. Back! Up. On? Our. Feet? Of? Course. Nothing's? Worth! Someone! Getting? Hurt! Over! Now! Your. Getting! It. Let's? Just. Check! Out. We're? At? We. We'rent? Built. For? This? So! Why? Try. It? Be. Good! If? They. All? Wanted? To! Do? This. It? Was! Fun! While? It. Lasted! So! That's? Why? When! Somebody! Say's! Something! About. Someone! For? What? It's? Worth! Made! Some! Noise? Get. Them! Started? And I'll? Be. Doing? Alright. Now! You! Got. It? There? It. Is? There's? A lot. That? Could! Go. Wrong! Here. If? We. Could! Make! This. Relationship! Work! That'

Very memorable...couldn't put it down!

I read this book 4 years ago on vaccation to St. Lucia. I haven't read Danielle Steel in a while, but have read many of her books. I was looking at one of her new books and saw this one and thought to myself I loved that book. I can still remember certain parts of the book like it was yesterday. I think it is a great story and I couldn't put this book down.

Beautiful yet horrific story

Listening to this novel, especially the start made me anxious and nervous knowing what was coming. It hit me how insidious and step-by-step the onset was in Germany... gradually taking away one right at a time from the Jews. Then I was downright sick to my stomach when it hit and the concentration camps were opened and people started getting deported. Any love story definitely takes a backseat to the heartstopping horror of the intimate details of what was happening in Germany under Hitler and the anti-semitic sentiment of Germany's people. I could hardly breathe at times listening to what was happening, not only in the concentration camps, but in the neighborhoods, communities, and ghettos. I enjoyed the history of the kinder railroad getting jewish children out of Germany into Britain. What a heartwarming action, and the Carmelite nuns history was also interesting, as was the "model workcamp" the Germans were trying to "show off". But the ending with Amadea and Rupert was lackluster. The end didn't live up to the expectation of the story and so many loose ends. It left me flat after such an emotional story. Simon Prebble's voice and talent is superb!


Can't put this book down I just want to keep reading this one. Love the story line and the characters set during World War II. A great read as usual of Steel's novels.


This book was hard to put down. It holds you from the first page. You fall in love with all the characters and feel your heart ache with their sorrows. And am now trying to find one that can compare.

A Wonderful, Historical drama, Danielle Steel at her best!

Danielle Steels' new book "Echoes", is her most compelling and fascinating story to date. It is the story of the Wittengenstein family, that starts in the summer of 1915 with Beata Wittgenstin and continues with her daughter Amadea who has taken the vows of a Carmelite nun; then goes into hiding when the Holacaust starts. She then escapes into the French Resistance and meets a man Rupert Montgomery who will help her discover her place in an unbreakable chain between generations... between her family and her future. Danielle Steels' vivid description of Kristallnacht, and the scenes at the Nazi death camp, Therisenstadt, was so real, I felt like I was there. It is a moment of history that is captured as only Danielle Steel could do it. Brava Danielle Steel! I could not put this book down.
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