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Inteligencia emocional, La

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This description may be from another edition of this product. Everyone knows that high IQ is no guarantee of success, happiness, or virtue, but until Emotional Intelligence, we could only guess why. Daniel Goleman's brilliant report from the frontiers of...

Customer Reviews

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Everything I needed

This book brakes everything down to the T. If you needEd an emotional awakening thins is your book. It proved that my way of living was way more rewarding than what I thought because I always thought IQ intelligent people lack emotion. Therefore missing out on the most important pasty’s of life

good info

Building a library for young adults

Don't Be An Emotional Retard

This book just confirms what I've been thinking for years- intelligence, that is "book smarts", is just ONE piece of what contributes to a person's overall success in life- and in no way guarantees anything. You can be the smartest person in the world, but if you don't have other qualities like self-esteem or persistence- well, there's a good chance that you won't be happy. Case in point, there is no scientific literature linking IQ or academic ability to happiness levels (check out "Finding Happiness in a Frustrating World" for a good summary of this and more happiness research). Anyway, this book does a good job of elaborating on the idea that intelligence will only get you so far in life- and spends its time telling you why. Here's a quick rundown of the book's five parts: -Part 1 talks about the brain's "emotional architecture" -Part 2 shows the reader how neurological givens play out in the most basic flair for living called "emotional intelligence" -Part 3 examines some key differences this aptitude makes -Part 4 gets into emotional intelligence and childhood -Part 5 explores the hazards of not mastering the emotional side of things So, if the idea of improving your life by taking a look at the emotional side of things sounds interesting to you, I would highly recommend checking this book it out.

2.0 is better

When it first came out I enjoyed Emotional Intelligence and am fascinated by the EQ concept. It did a lot for me and the countless others who read it. However, I must say that it has become outdated. I came across a new book Emotional Intelligence 2.0 that was featured in a wonderful article in the local paper, and I must say that Emotional Intelligence 2.0 is just outstanding. Besides having recent research and relevant examples, 2.0 showed me how to increase my emotional intelligence step-by-step. It also includes access to an online emotional intelligence test which is really informative and an incredible bonus for just the price of a book.

Este libro es excelente, muy bueno, lo recomiendo

Buenos dias a todos la verdad le recomiendo este lirbo. es excelente. te muestra que tan importante es la inteligencia emocional en nuestra socidad, mas importante de lo que ustedes pueden creer, como esta influye en nuestro comportamiento y demas cosas. la verdad vale la pena comprarlo. saludos

Mastering the Emotional Realm

Great spiritual teachers, like Buddha and Jesus, have touched their disciples' hearts by speaking in the language of emotion, teaching in parables, fables, and stories. Indeed, religious symbol and ritual makes little sense from the rational point of view; it is couched in the vernacular of the heart. ~Daniel Goleman Of all the books I have read in my entire life, Daniel Goleman's book on Emotional Intelligence was as difficult to begin as it was to put down. After numerous attempts to make it past the first chapter, I finally dedicated an entire week to the reading of this classic treatise on the importance of emotional awareness. Surprisingly it then only took three days to finish reading because I read constantly day and night, night and day. The rare beauty of Daniel Goleman's writing is breathlessly intellectual all while retaining a centered approach to the research of his topic at hand. Not only has he brilliantly woven carefully placed threads of awareness into a coherent and comforting blanket of understanding, he uncovers truly helpful and practical applications. From a deep ocean of emotional conflicts and social programming, ideas for healing appeal to our hunger for inner coherence. His work also explains why we long for positive nourishment in a negative world and why a range of skills beyond basic IQ serves to enable our success. Daniel Goleman's writing is rich and intricate. He draws on a variety of well-known experts and personal interviews he conducted for The New York Times. His extensive interest in this topic reveals itself in the fluidity with which he combines the information so as to make it completely accessible to anyone willing to take the time to follow his logic page by page. He explores the disintegration of civility, biological patterns of emotional response and shows how the rational and emotional minds can work in harmony. Practical elements include an understanding of feelings as they happen, how to manage emotions and how to handle emotions as they arise. Throughout, Daniel Goleman gives hope and explains why "lapses in emotional skills can be remedied." Anyone who deals with anger or depression will be especially encouraged while reading this book. All too often we learn by experience and this book is filled with a variety of pathways stemming from emotions that either lead us to peace or conflict. Even while reading this book, you may be triggered numerous times and feel a wide variety of emotions. I was happy to read about how crying can "lower levels of brain chemicals that prime distress." Many of the topics in this book help to explain why our emotions create various responses and how we can adapt, immediately address the problems or move from one emotional state to another quite quickly with very minimal effort. Even while reading I could feel my emotional state in a constant flux due to various topics bringing memories into my awareness. There are at least three ideas I'm already putting in

Outstanding work

I think this is one of the most important books written in the past decade. This is not a "self-help" book, but a presentation of data and Goleman's conclusions. Goleman has great communication skills and this book is very readable. Frankly, I envy his clear writing style. I recommend this book and the ones that follow to everyone. I wrote this review because I think the negative review listed is inaccurate and does the potential reader harm by steering him away from this important work.

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