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Paperback Enchanted Love : The Mystical Power of Intimate Relationships Book

ISBN: 0684870258

ISBN13: 9780684870250

Enchanted Love : The Mystical Power of Intimate Relationships

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

Explore the mystical power of intimate relationships in Marianne Williamson's deeply personal collection of essays, prayers, and self-reflection. Three of Marianne Williamson's previous bestsellers -- A Return to Love, A Woman's Worth, and Illuminata -- explored the issue of relationships. Now, in this deeply personal collection of essays, prayers, and self-reflection, she turns to romantic love. In Illuminata, Williamson wrote that "we experience...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Spirituality & Love

I am now reading this book for the second time and I love it just as much now as I did the first go around. Marianne Williamson really understands how spiritual contact with a Higher Power influences and shapes the kinds of love we initiate and sustain in our lives. I particularly like the way she describes the relationship dynamics between men and women in the midst of intimate relationships and just how much spiritual work needs to be done. The prayers that she intersperses through the book are beautiful and moving. As for those who try and insult her work just because she hasn't been married to 'Joe Schmoe' for 25 years with a whole troop of kids and grandkids...might I remind those that true love does not always take the traditional conventional route. Some of the greatest loves of my life have been men I never married and never would, the real point is that they were all still worthwhile and valid experiences that contributed to my growth and knowledge as a person. Also just because someone manages to stay married for 25 years in no way means that relationship is healthy, happy or worth emulating. With that being said this book has to be one of her more underrated works yet in my opinion I found it to be the most poignant and moving. It has definitely deepened my emotional and spiritual capacity to feel and accept love into my life.

disillusioned by enchanted love

I am not one for self help books, I really don't buy in to the dysfunctional ways of our society. I have read every Marianne Williamson book on the market (more than once.) I like what she has to say. I am not a literary scholar..just a woman making it in this world. My spiritual journey has been long, profound, and quite beautiful..I have some questions for her though, I would love to pick her brain. Enchanted love was my favorite of all her work and an awakening to spiritual growth and letting go of all that I was raised with. Most of us believing we have to be strong,get a college degree, and only depend on ourselves. Most of us have a low opinion of men, marriage and have lost the key to what those relationships should mean in our lives. We so desperately want to be married and live the "dream" but that dream has three parts one of our mothers, one of our grandmothers, and one of our own ..we were disillusioned. What I wonder and question is when we have done the work,come full circle, discovered our true selves, and find the key..the key being..loving yourself more, believing in the Word of the Lord, and ultimately surrendering to the Word, and surrendering to that child like state that we all want to inherintly surrender to...I ask only this: Marianne what are we to do when we believe in the power of your words, of His word, surrender, and are ultimately left in pain, that pain we were so afraid of to begin with? I have prayed the prayers and believed in the Word..this has left me in more pain than I have ever known or imagined. To love like this is a very big risk, it is so unconditional, so beautiful, and when this happens it is very few that can reciprocate-even from those of God.. I wish I could talk to her about this has affected my life in a very powerful way. It wasn't the book alone, however,it was all of the actions and the journey prior to reading this book that led me to such a beautiful place of seeing those around me. I see miracles happen every day..I feel the Lord stronger than I have ever felt..but to love like that is very painful. Sometimes I wonder if what our mothers taught us would not be better. "you don't need a man!" I don't want to believe that, but after taking those steps she outlined in her book and being left where I am now..I can not help but wonder who is emotionally better off?

Truly a gift to those in love

Thank you Marianne for this beautifully eloquent expression of real and deep love. My husband and I read this book together and from page one we were amazed at how truly you captured the experience of true, romantic love. For those of you looking for a "how to" book on love, I agree with your reviews that this would have missed the mark for you. But for those of us out there who are blessed with the gift of being in an enchanted love, it was amazing to see on paper what it is most times impossible to ever find words to describe. Your book touched my husband and I tremendously and reminded us that we indeed have been given a gift from God in each other and the heights of love that we are able to experience. It is also a reminder to us both that the love we share is something we should never dare to take for granted or treat lightly. Enchanted love is rare and when we are chosen and blessed in this lifetme to experience it, it is to be cherished. For those of you who read this and didn't quite "get it ", then my guess is that your beloved has not yet entered your life. When they do, you will know it, and then re-read this book. I guarantee you it will be a totally different book for you the second time around and will touch your heart as much as it has mine and my husband's.

Her best book yet.

This is her best book yet. There is a mystical quality to the writing itself. Marianne creates a context for relationships in Enchanted Love, rather than just telling you what to specifically do to get them to happen. Without this context, it doesn't even matter what you do, in a certain kind of a way. With this book, Marianne goes more to the essence of what is needed in order for us to create the kind of relationships we all dream about. I read some of these customer reviews and I think a lot of people are maybe looking to this book as some kind of self-help book, having certain expectations for what it's supposed to be. You know, step one, do this...step two, do that. I think Marianne breaks that mold with this book. For me, just reading it shifted me, opened me. She is speaking to another part of our brain, I think. In other words, it's the kind of book that gets in there, even when you are not looking. For instance, I read Enchanted Love and then a couple of days later I found myself referring to certain ideas Marianne talks about in the book, while I was talking with a friend...concepts I didn't even know had particularly registered with me while I was reading them. I find myself doing that a lot...going back to sections of it over and over again. Almost everyone I know who's read it says they want to read it again. I am constantly amazed at how much more I can see about life, about love, and about romance since I read Marianne's remarkable book. Do yourself a favor, sit with it. Read it slowly. Let it sink in. Think about it. Savor it. It'll open doors. It did for me, anyway.

This book is a call for all to join in the joy of loving.

If you can read this book and not be excited about loving someone in your life, you had better check your pulse. Marianne's imagery and poetry thrill the soul. While it comes with words of wisdom, I think it is like sex, it needs to be savored and felt, rather than analyzed and diagramed, slowly with full attention. Marianne's own sensuality and beauty comes out in her words. One can picture her soul mate being called to and responding with a love that makes the world spin even faster than normal. Bonding is the deepest of all relationships.
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