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Hardcover Financial Peace Revisited : New Chapters on Marriage, Singles, Kids and Families Book

ISBN: 0670032085

ISBN13: 9780670032082

Financial Peace Revisited : New Chapters on Marriage, Singles, Kids and Families

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Format: Hardcover

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Book Overview

With the help of a #1 New York Times bestselling author and finance expert, set your finances right with these updated tactics and practices Dave Ramsey knows what it's like to have it all. By age twenty-six, he had established a four-million-dollar real estate portfolio, only to lose it by age thirty. He has since rebuilt his financial life and, through his workshops and his New York Times business bestsellers Financial Peace and More than Enough...

Customer Reviews

7 ratings

Good read!

I appreciated this book for its financial lessons. I wish we had these lessons when we were in high school. It’s great for preparing you financially for your future.

great for people in debt.

if you want to get out of debt and start to create a sustainable passive income this is your book.

Nice One !! But prefer Total Makecover

Este libro es muy bueno pero me gusto mucho mas La Transformacion del Dinero para mi este ultimo fue mas llevadero y mejor organizado. Me gusto mucho la parte de los mitos me ayudaron mucho. La Tranquilidad Financiera lo recomiendo tambien sobre todo los metodos que enseñan como defenderse de los cobradores,la importancia que le da a enseñar a los niños desde sus primero pasos.Y el toque especial de las notas de la esposa al final de cada capitulo. Para mas informacion acerca del contenido de este libro y otros del mismo tema pueden visitar

Gain Control of Your Financial Future

"Since money problems and fights are statistically the biggest problem in marriage, any one of us who is wise will be on guard against these problems and looking for ways to win." ~ pg. 207 After reading Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover," I was interested in seeing what he had to say in "Financial Peace Revisited." My husband and I are reading all his books and so far we have set up a realistic budget and have almost paid off all our credit card debt. It was amazing how fast we got with the program and how quickly it works. My only advice is to give yourself time to adjust to the changes. It took me a few weeks to sit down and type out a budget (my husband initially used the worksheets in the back of the book) but I eventually did and it felt good to be in more control of our finances. How do you control buying fever? Can someone really become a millionaire by saving $65 a month? Could this book really save your marriage? How can you save money when you have credit card debt? Are you tired of being a servant to financial institutions? Where should I invest my money for retirement? These are the types of questions Dave Ramsey answers...and more. I never thought books on finance could be so fun to read. In this book he also makes investing easy to understand. He gets very excited when talking about mutual funds. Some of the main ideas in this book include plans to deal with unexpected expenses (money in savings and emergency funds) and how to pay off debt quickly. "On average, cardholders carry a $8,367 balance on their cards from month to month (160 percent increase since the past decade), paying an average 18.3 percent in interest." ~ pg. 73 I've listened to Dave Ramsey's radio show and have always found his advice helpful. I can also highly recommend his books. I also think you would love: The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness. ~The Rebecca Review

Top On My List

I've read at least two dozen books on money management and wealth creation, including the Rich Dad series (which is also great by the way), and I have to place this book in the number one spot. I've purchased copies for many friends and family members and continually recommend it to people in my seminars. I really believe it can change your life... it did for me. I was working hard and earning a great income of more than $100k per year, but I was also spending it all. Then changes came and I plunged down, suddenly, to less than $35k per year. For some people that's a lot of money, but imagine you've been earning $35k per year and suddenly it fell to $15-18k - that's about what I felt like emotionally. Then I cam across Dave's materials and my life was literally unlocked. I learned that I needed to manage my money to manage the rest of my life. I discovered that stress can disappear - even in the modern world - when you've taken care of your primary needs first and provided a security blanket for the future. Today, I have a bank account that will keep me going for about a year even if my funds were completely cut of and, borrowing from another excellent book, I have multiple streams of income. Since reading Dave's book, I've read the entire Rich Dad series, the Multiple Streams of Income and Multiple Streams of Internet Income books and many others on finances. They've all added to my life, but this book is the one that started my journey and gave me the needed principles to evaluate opportunities and options that come my way. You'll love this book.

Great Explanation Of Mutual Funds & Investment Products!

I first heard Dave Ramsey on Sirius Satellite Radio. After that I was conviced to buy his book "Total Money Makeover" which I thought was great. Having loved that book I decided to venture back to his previous book "Financial Peace: Revisited" I initially feared this book would be too much like "Total Money Makeover" and that I would be wasting my time reading the same information I already knew but quite the contrary. This earlier work is less about his baby steps program and more about saving in general. I thoroughly enjoyed his chapters on Insurance, Investment Products & Mutual funds. If you have a child or even a spouse or family member that is interested in aquiring a better understanding of what a mutual fund is and how it works, this is the best and easiest to understand explanation that I have seen to date. I personally wish there was less religious attributes mentioned in Dave Ramseys teachings but no one is perfect. I reccomend this book to anyone who would like an easy to read book on the topic of money & savings.

Unique Points -- Easy-to-read

This is the best book I have ever seen on personal finance. It is easy to read and uses entertaining anecdotes to keep the reader interested. So much of the world of personal finance is dominated by people and institutions selling financial products. Ramsey calls for people to be cautious about financial products in favor of simply living on less than they earn and paying down debts. When a salesperson approaches us and says "May I help you?" we prepare ourselves to talk to someone who is trying to sell us something. With financial products, especially debt, people are often too eager to be sold. I think it's rare to hear this point of view because a lot of the information we get about personal finance flows from lending institutions. Think of this book as the other side of the story.This book gives hard-to-find advice about how to deal with financial emergencies. There's a whole other side to the unctuous, friendly-sounding credit card offers that are so common-- they lend money to people who cannot afford it. When people cannot pay, they sell the accounts to bill collectors who try to get people to put their obligations ahead of basic necessities by using lies, obscenities, threats, insults, and any other tricks they can think of. Where else do you read about this?As other reviews have pointed out, Ramsey has an abrasive personality and right-wing political views. I totally disagree with his right-wing values, but he doesn't spend enough time on them to detract from the valuable personal finance information. Another criticism is that Ramsey uses his "ministry" as an advertising vehicle for the very financial institutions he's criticizing. He claims that institutions that he endorses operate by his principles. I doubt, however, that he is picky about his endorsements, so follow Ramsey's advice from this book-- be skeptical about financial products, even ones he endorses on the radio.I highly recommend this book. It can be easily understood by someone without a high school education and no experience with money. It has advice aimed at helping such a person with financial problems. At the same time, it has equally valuable advice for someone with an advanced education and high-paying job. High-income people often feel pressure to live an affluent lifestyle at the expense of other priorities. This book is a good antidote to that pressure.
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