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Paperback Joshua Book

ISBN: 0020198906

ISBN13: 9780020198901


(Part of the Joshua Series)

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Book Overview

This description may be from another edition of this product. When Joshua moves to a small cabin on the edge of town, the local people are mystified by his presence. A quiet and simple man, Joshua appears to seek nothing for himself. He supports himself by...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Sanhedran Redux

If Christ's teachings set the practitioner free, why does established religion impose a set of rigid rules and traditions on their followers? In his book, "Joshua", Fr Girzone beautifully reexplores this territory first broached by Dostoevsky in his chapter "The Grand Inquisitor" in "the Brothers Karamazov". Girzone asks the question, "Can mankind shed its true nature, throw away its need for power and truly embrace the simple life that Christ advocates?" In "The Grand Inquisitor", Christ reappears, His love of man evident in the simple miraculous acts he performs when he walks among the sick and poor. These actions cause attention to be drawn to Him, and eventually He is imprisioned by the grand inquisitor who engages Him in a lengthy conversation regarding what the established Church provides the people and exactly what the Church is unwilling to sacrifice in order to truly follow Christ's example. The Grand Inquisitor fully admits the the Church has supplanted the role of Christ in the lives of its congregation and in effect is responsible for the "non-existence" of God. Similarly, in "Joshua", Christ reappears in a small town in upstate New York. Joshua is a wood carver who lives simply, enjoys the beauty of nature and above all has the ultimate compassion for anyone he encounters who is in physical, spiritual or mental need. Word of Joshua's simple lifestyle sets the town's ears on fire and curiosity drives them to meet Joshua for themselves. No one is disappointed. As Joshua's popularity grows, he is singled out by leaders of the established churches and the synagogue. As in the Grand Inquisitor, Joshua eventually comes head to head with the powerful leaders of the established religion and the egotistical need man has for power. As in the gospels, His words are meant to break down the hierarchical authority that enslaves rather than frees its underlings. His message is heard only by a few and as in the past,it is discussed, mulled over and spread. And when it becomes bureaucratized? This feel-good book has a simply rendered yet powerful message. I recommend it to anyone who wants a modern version of the impact Christ must have had on anyone he encountered. His humanity and divinity are superbly and finely drawn.

Gently moving

The book JOSHUA changed my life. That's a simple but powerful statement and that is exactly what this book is: a simple but powerful book. It seems to be divinely inspired and written with devotion and love. It was obviously Fr. Girzone's first attempt at writing for it often read like the way a child speaks but I found that to be charming instead of annoying. The book was pure in its voice and pure in its motive to communicate how organized religions can often move away from the true message and character of Christ. Joshua, like Jesus, is a man with human flaws but who has attained a level of love for God that most of us aspire too but fall far short of achieving. Joshua doesn't go around rigidly preaching the word of God so much as he lives his life according to the word of God--his life is a sermon and example to us all, like Jesus'life was.Fr. Girzone seems to be trying to show us how Joshua (Jesus) was a simple man who led a compassionate life devoted to a loving God. His life and message were not bogged down with rules and an inhuman ideal of perfection. Joshua could worship in any temple, any church, on any hilltop because God can be found anywhere and, at the same time, his love for God allowed him to worship with Christians, Jews or simply all by himself.God is too great for any one religion to corner the market on understanding Him and our quest to please Him. We still can't explain the size or the birth of our universe so how can we be expected to be all knowing about God? Joshua attempts to bring that thought to light. Learning and loving God is a journey that spans many lifetimes but Joshua shows us that compassion and love will put us on the right path.The book MY ISHMAEL rattled my universe and left me feeling like an earthquake had just pulled the ground out from under my feet. My faith was enhanced, but it took me days to calm down from the experience. JOSHUA, on the otherhand, was like being rocked in the arms of heaven with an angel whispering the Secret of Life in my ear.

Complex Beauty In Profound Simplicity

As a seminarian and a follower of Jesus Christ, I found this book to be one of the most profound and best fictional books I have ever read. I was so impressed with it that I purchased many other copies to give away to others trying to find their faith. I bought copies for my family. I bought a copy for my best friend. He,his wife and two daughters were so taken with Joshua that they went out and bought the whole series.Ignore the (very few) naysayers and modern day Pharisees that cannot appreciate the profound simplicity.... a trait that is found in our Lord, Jesus!

This Book Changed My Life

I purchased JOSHUA only because I knew Father Girzone many many years ago and I was curious about what he may have written.JOSHUA is a simple story about Jesus (Joshua) living in modern times. The message Joshua delivers gives comfort to those of us who have been raised with the strict rules of the Catholic church accompanied by the feeling that you can never quite "measure up." THE BOOK CHANGED MY LIFE ! JOSHUA strengthened my faith by giving me a simplistic version of Jesus' message without all of the "excess baggage" that accompanies organized religion.Many thanks to Father Girzone for the gift he has bestowed on his readers -- a clearer understanding of God's love for us. I read reviews that pointed out "flaws" in the writing. If the message shines through (which it obviously did by reading the reviews) - then the writing was perfect ! ! A must read for EVERYONE ....

This book helped me feel even closer to Jesus

For several years I have picked up this book for some reason, and then replaced it on the bookstore's shelves. I wrongly judged it to be a "Catholic" book, but I've been drawn to it again and again. One day I decided to purchase it. What I read was an interesting, enjoyable and intriguing story about how Jesus, under the name of Joshua, came into our midst in today's time, and how we treated him. The story started out somewhat slow, but a strange power kept me interested in the story--barely letting me put the book down. Joseph Girzone has done an excellent job of telling the story about a man trying to live in our modern society, and yet be true to his beliefs about God and Jesus' teachings. And he does it without cramming religious beliefs down your throat. It is not a "Catholic" book, but a book for anyone that would want to meet Jesus today as a man with incredible wisdom and compassion for his fellow man. Byron Kirkwood, author of the "Survival Guide for the New Millennium" and coauthor of "Mary's Message to the World."
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