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Paperback Kicked Out Book

ISBN: 1551432447

ISBN13: 9781551432441

Kicked Out

Dime is fifteen and angry all the time. Her parents don't like the way she dresses, her boyfriend, her attitude. Her older brother Darren was paralyzed in an accident she walked away from, and Dime is sure her parents wish she were the one in the wheelchair. When the fights and accusations finally become too much, Dime moves in with her brother. At first she is overjoyed with the change of scenery and lack of parental control. But when her troubles...


Format: Paperback

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Windsor Jr SR High School

This book called Kicked Out is really good its about this girl named Dime that likes this boy named Gabe and he likes her he brakes up with his ex- girlfriend to go out with her Dime also gets into lot of trouble she came home late and her mother an father always yell at her and she yells back. Her parents think the reason why shes like this is bacause her and he brother Darren got in a car accident and hes in a wheelchair and sometimes she fells bad for him and wishes she could take his place instead of her brother Darren being in a nigt when Dime got home so late her parents were so angry they would yell at her and say " I wish you would start acting like your brother Darren." So she just ran to her room the next morning she came down stairs and saw her brother out sitting with his and her parents they tld her they were thinking about Dime living with her brother Darren for a while untill she got better with things. Dime was so excited she said yes and ran up stairs to pack to get ready to go to her brothers house. As soon as she got to Darrens house she called her bestfried Tiff and her boyfriend Gabe she told them to come over to see her new house. When Tiff and Gabe got there they started to act like it was there own house Gabe started to put the stereo on like it was his right in front of Darren and Dime. Dime didn't say anything because Gabe was her boyfriend and Dime didn't want him to get mad at her and Tiff was getting in Darren's refigerator like it was hers soon after they wanted to leave Gabe wanted Dime to come with hi but she hisitated for a minuet because of Darren because he cant make hin own dinner from the accident her cant move his legs or barly cant move his arms but she left with Gabe and Tiff anyways. She gotback so late after her parents called that her parents called again and Dime answered it and her mother yelled at her and said " Why were you out so late." dime didn't say anything so she hung up on her mother. One day Gabe was outside of school and Dime saw him with his arms around his ex- girlfriend Dime got so mad she dumped him for good she said " No boyfriends i don't need him anyways." Her and her brother Darren made a pak if she passed her drivers test and got her lisens they would drive all the way to California and so she did do as she was told and her and her brother darrn rode off to California together with Dime's new car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a good book!!

Beth Goobie is one of my favorite new writers!

After Dime's older brother is relegated to a wheelchair as a parapalegic after a car accident, Darren's situation seems to hit his sister harder than in hits him. Dime, a motocycle enthusiasist with a dyed pink Mohawk, acts out in a attempt to live loud and fast instead of trying to live up to her good brother's reputation. When things get too tense at home, their parents allow Dime to accept Darren's invitation to move in with him for a while, but will distance alone solve their problems? Like other books in the Orca Soundings series, the slim volume tackles an issue that might be appropriate for a rousing class discussion: in this case, differently abled / family relationships. This is a high-low book that has a vibrantly colorful main character, and every teens dream: getting some freedom from Mom and Dad in a safe environment. Simple yet varied vocabulary and language realistical enough to keep the attention of teens while remaining clean enough for classroom use are highlights of all the books in the series. Canadian author Goobie has a particular flair for creating dramatic yet believable situations, and is a rising star on the forefront of YA literature.School and public librarians will be overjoyed to discover this high quality new series for reluctant and struggling readers. Highly recommended for middle school and up.
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