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Paperback Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark: Amazing Revelations of the Incredible Power of Gold Book

ISBN: 0760776393

ISBN13: 9780760776391

Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark: Amazing Revelations of the Incredible Power of Gold

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

This description may be from another edition of this product. This book examines the secrets of the Grail bloodline from Moses to Jesus, delineates fascinating new information about the Knights Templar, and reveals the lost secrets of Royal Arch Freemasonry.

Customer Reviews

4 ratings

Excellent Research!

I have read all of Laurence Gardners books and have his lecture on DVD. I have researched his claims about White Powder Gold via NASA, Boeing Aircraft Co.and many others and yes the research is happening and yes the stuff does work (personal experence). But there are some company's selling bunk, so buyer beware and ask questions. Fast read, hard to put down. It amazes me how quickly narrow minded people can't get past groundbreaking news. Some people feel so cozy with ingrained beliefs, however this news is earth shattering. Read it then research for yourself!


Having read his previous books I was compelled to purchase this one solely on the strenght of the author. I must conlude that I was not disappointed by any means. As the title implies this edition traces the use of monatomic gold known as (Mfzt to the egyptians) by the royal bloodline extending to the ancient sumerian epoch until today. Beautifuly backed up by a description of the Hudson experiments dealing with gold transformation, the ideas in this book trace the origin of the ark and its likely use as a medium containing the tablets of destiny and its use as a possible converter for gold transformation. This book is a definite must-read for Gardner fans even though some of the information is repeated from previous works. Nevertheless the focus is definitely shifted to the above.

New uses for gold

Laurence Gardner's credentials are impeccable, and his latest work will further enhance his reputation as the top scholar in his field. "Lost Secret of the Sacred Ark" came about by popular demand from readers who were intrigued by his references in previous books to such terms as shewbread, highward fire stone and even the Philosopher's Stone. Gardner has uncovered a different purpose for the Ark of the Covenant than that we have been led to believe by benighted clerics. The real use for the Ark was that of a scientific nature, a gold-laden capacitor with an "arc" able to manufacture a mysterious substance. This substance was not the transmutation of baser metal into gold but of gold being turned into a miracle medicine, with the ability also to manipulate space-time and prized above all else in antiquity. Beginning at an Egyptian temple in the Sinai Peninsula, the author takes us on a tour of ancient civilizations who so long ago practiced hyperdimensional physics that we are just now realizing. Our journey takes us from ancient temples to modern laboratories today, and we learn that temples then were not for the worship of gods but were the workshops for the gods. Gardner's writing affords us a new perspective on events in biblical times as well as an understanding of quantum mechanics. The book contains credible and impressive source citations, a comprehensive bibliography, and appendices ranging from ancient genealogies to current gold standards. I believe this book is the most meaningful revelation since the splitting of the atom because this secret can not only heal disease but it can literally move mountains. Highly recommended.

A tease becomes a revelation

In what turned out to be a colossal tease, Laurence Gardner, in his second major work, Genesis of the Grail Kings, gave us a brief description of a curious white powder produced in ancient Egypt that had phenomenal gravitational, transformational and inspirational powers. The substance was the result of a secret process whereby gold and platinum group metals were transformed into a white powder which the Egyptians called MFKZT (pronounced muf-kutz). The powder, though derived from heavy metals, had a negative weight (less than zero), and transmitted the same weightlessness to its container. When ingested, the powder brought heightened spiritual awareness to its user, and it supposedly could transport itself or its user into a different time/space dimension, called the Field of MFKZT, or the Plane of Shar-on. The inference was made that MFKZT provided the technical ability to lift all of the millions of multi-ton blocks into place in the Giza Pyramids, and that the Field of MFKZT was the final destination of the Pharaohs after their earthly existence. Partly due to the reaction by his reading public, Gardner promised a whole book on the subject, but, in the meantime, came out with another book (Realm of the Ring Lords), which, while very interesting, didn't add to the information about MFKZT he had given us in his previous book. At long last, Gardner has kept his word, and has published Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark. Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark is Gardner's account of the famous Ark of the Covenant. In relating the fascinating information about the Ark, Gardner gives us a comprehensive explanation of the whole concept of MFKZT, its role in the powers of the Ark, and its history through the ages, including up to the present day. Gardner's theory is that MFKZT is actually the mysterious and elusive Philosophers' Stone. We have heard so much about alchemists throughout history attempting to turn lead into gold, when all the while the real transformational process so closely guarded over the past five millennia has been that of turning gold into this astonishing substance. If you only read one of Gardner's four major works, I suggest that it be this one. However, you should do yourself the favor of reading all four (the others being Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Realm of the Ring Lords, and Genesis of the Grail Kings), as they separately and collectively have brought us compelling, important, and groundbreaking insights to the understanding of our ancient history and our religious belief systems and institutions.
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