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Paperback Princess in Love ( The Princess Diaries, Vol. 3) Book

ISBN: 0061244988

ISBN13: 9780061244988

Princess in Love ( The Princess Diaries, Vol. 3)

(Book #3 in the The Princess Diaries Series)

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Format: Paperback

Condition: Very Good


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Book Overview

This description may be from another edition of this product. It would seem that 14-year-old Mia Thermopolis ("five foot nine inches tall, with no visible breasts, feet the size of snowshoes") has the kind of life every Manhattan teenager could only dream of:...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Book Three

(This book is also known as "Princess in Love".) Princess Amelia Thermopolis Renaldo has boy problems. A LOT of boy problems. Her best friend Lilly, who happens to be a certified genius and a dedicated liberal, is dating the uber-geeky Boris Pelkowski, notorious sweater-tucker-inner. The object of her affections, Michael Moscovitz, seems to be totally in love with a much more intelligent girl who has the ability to clone flies. And, then there's Kenny. Mia's adoring boyfriend. Unfortunately, the feeling isn't mutual. Will Mia find the courage to set Kenny down gently before she leaves for Genovia for Christmas?

Great Book

This book is really good. I'm done reading the 4th book of the Princess Diaries and overall, Meg Cabot has done a really good job. I'm waiting for the 5th book to come out.

Long Live the Princess

I am almost 18 years old (just a few years out of the young adult reading level), but I love this series. The books are written in such an endearing, humorous style that it's almost impossible not to like them. The third book picks up about a month after the second one left off and we quickly learn that Mia's life is still full of quirky problems. While the previous books dealt with Mia's desire to have a boyfriend, this one centered around her dilemma of getting rid of one. Normally, this topic would be written so that the boyfriend, Kenny, seemed like a jerk who was keeping the girl from being with the boy, Michael, she was supposed to be with, but instead Kenny is written as being nice and sweet and an ideal boyfriend. Except for one thing, he isn't Michael. Besides her boy problems, Mia is still being sentenced to the often hilarious "princess lessons" with her grandmother to prepare for her visit to Genovia. Mia also has problems with family, friends, cheerleaders, school (especially Algebra), and achieving self-actualization. In other words, she's basically a normal teenage girl with an extraordinary life.If you haven't read these books, I would highly recommend giving them a try. They are nothing like the cutely sappy Disney movie of the same name, except for the general plot idea and character names. These are books that are always entertaining and impossible to put down- no matter how old you are.

This is the third Princess Diaries book.......and it rocks

After a long wait I rushed out to the bookstore and brought Meg Cabot's third Princess Diaries. And boy was it worth the wait. I couldn't stop reading it!!The storyline is basically about Mia still hopelessly in love with Michael and very, very jealous because he is going out with a girl who can clone fruit flies. And she's flunking Algebra even though her stepdad's her teacher. She also feels really guilty because at the moment she's got a boyfriend(Kenny) who loves her and she doesn't feel the same way. Add to this finals, princess lessons, her cuckoo cousin who is a clothes designer from Genovia and the fact she's soon going to Genovia for the break and you've got one muddled princess!!Why is Princess in Love so great? Because it answers that all important question:Will Mia dump Kenny for Michael? Plus it is filled with laughs. One of my favourites is the list she prepares so her mum knows how to take care of Fat Louie while she is away. Also the crazy clothes designer from Genovia is a barrel of laughs.I recommend you buy this book as it is really really good and you won't regret it. And another good thing Meg Cabot's planning to write three more Mia books called(in order):Princess in Waiting, Princess Mia and Forever Princess.Happy Reading :)

Loved It!!

15-year-old Princess (New York teenager) Mia Thermopolis is back once more in her third hilirous diary of her life! During this time in her teenage life Mia has got everything anybody would want! Shes got a boyfriend, Kenny, fame, and on top of that Princess of Genovia! So you would think Mia would be pretty happy right? WRONG! Kenny is definitely NOT the right guy for her. Micheal, Lily's brother, is the one she has always wanted. However everything seems to go wrong and now she is trying to aviod further smooches with Kenny. And now Micheal is going out with somebody who is definitely more intelligent that Mia and most likely can clone fruit flies. On top of that her mother is now pregnant with her stepfather's baby. Oh yeah, did we mention that Mia's stepfather is also her Algebra teacher? And guess who has been failing algebra for a long time...? Plus, Mia has got the added pressure of preparing a speech for her nerve-wracking entree into the Genovian society. Things aren't looking to good for her. Maybe Lily can turn things around when they hatch a plan to get Micheal back.After reading the first two diaries Mia wrote I couldn't wait for this one and it didn't disappoint me! Mia is still her old self with her sassy and funny humor which makes you laugh out loud. This book also had some emotional parts in it too which grips you. All and all a great book! It definitely lived up to my expectations. However I heard that this will be the last of Mia. I really hope that isn't true though. I recommend this book to all teens who love to have a laugh of two!
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