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Paperback Skeleton Key Book

ISBN: 0439662095

ISBN13: 9780439662093

Skeleton Key

(Book #3 in the Alex Rider Series)

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This description may be from another edition of this product. Summary:0About the Author: & bull;0Author: Anthony & nbsp;HorowitzIllustrator:0Publisher:PuffinPublished Date:02/16/2006Format:PaperbackISBN:0142406147#of pages:#N/A

Customer Reviews

5 ratings


This book is great, it was a great read. I will recomend this book to any one under 20. alex starts out at school when a mi6 agent comes to tell him about a secret mission at a tennis chamionship. while there he figures out about a secret chinese mob (big circle). Then one agent from the big circle tries to ram him with a fork lift then Alex brakes his arms and shoves him into a freezer. then he goes to his girlfriends house. Then one of the agents from the big circle came and destroyed his fun while he was surfing. The big circle member pulls out a machine gun ans starts shooting at alex. the mi6 member comes and tells alex of a mission with cia members at the location of skeloton key. then they kill an ilegal salesman and his crew with a bomb. they go to a secret hiding place where general sarov (the bad guy). the cia agents get killed, and alex goes to check on them it turn out there no where to be found(who whould of known). so alex heads back to the start point alex wins sarov loses THE END

Skeleton Key is not number 3

ISBN: 0142401021 Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz may be the third book in the series but is not number three. This one would win the gold out of the Alex Rider books. You're probably thinking that Alex Rider goes on another mission for MI6 like the other two. Well, that's only partially correct. Because he teams up with two CIA agents from the U.S.A. to stop some crazy guy, Sarov, with a nuclear weapon. I really liked this book because there was a lot of action and I also like James Bond movies. If you have read any of the Alex Rider books or Spy High you will defiantly love this book.

Skeleton Key

The story I read was Skeleton Key. The author is Anthony Horowitz. The main characters were Alex Rider and a guy named Sarvo. The setting is in Russia. The story is based on a teenager who is spy with M-I 6, British intelligence. The problem with Alex is that the guy named Sarvo wants to adopt him. Alex does not want to be adopted. Alex is trying to get away, and Sarvo is getting mad. Sarvo tries to kill Alex. Does he get away? You have to read the book to find out. I think the book is very will written. If I could give it a 1 out 10 rating, 10 being the best I would give Skeleton Key a 9.5. The reason I liked this book is because I like James Bond. I also like all the cool gadgets he gets. This book's audience I think would be people who like James Bond and people who like action books and movies.

mike's review

SETTINGSkeleton Key, Cuba, Wimbelton, and Russia. In the present day.CharactersAlex Rider- a teenager secret agent.Carver and Troy- two agents on the mission with Alex.The General-a crazy man with a plan to blow up the world.Conrade-the general's partener.OpinionThis book had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. It was a great book that kept me guessing the entire time. It is recommended for you to read. Conflicts ExternalAlex vs. Shark Alex vs. ConradeAlex vs. the GenrealTroy vs. ConradeCarver vs. ConradeThe two men vs. the alligators Internal Alex vs. self about going after Troy and CarverGeneral vs. self about killing AlexPlotAlex is a regular boy... until he finds out that the U.S. govornment needs him to save the world. Alex then goes through a sieries of adventures. Once in Cuba, Alex is almost killed by a shark, until the shark is caught in a trap. Conrade then captures Alex, and is within seconds of killing him, when the General saves Alex. After this, the Geneal wants Alex to take the place of his son, who died in the years past. Alex refuses and makes an attempt to call the police, but is stopped by a security guard. He explains the whole thing to the security guard. The security guard tells the Russian govornment, who responds by sending troops. Eventually it comes down to a showdown between Alex, and the crazy general over the nuclear bomb switch. Who will have to read the book.About Anthony Horowitz-born in London, England in 1955-went to a boarding school-started writing at the age of 22 and was published at 23

The best book in a brilliant series...

Skeleton Key, the sequel to Stormbreaker and Point Blanc, is surely the best book in this gripping teen spy series. Before you read it, however, make sure you read the others first so as to understand the story.Just a month after his previous adventure at an exclusive school in the French Alps, sixteen-year-old Alex Rider is attempting to return to a normal life in London. But this is a wish quickly forgotten as an M16 agent recruits him for a mission during a school soccer game.He is soon over in the USA, and taking on the role of the son of two up-tight and by-the-book CIA officers.Together, they must infiltrate the home of an ex-Russian army commander. Trouble is, his house is an island in Cuba and Americans aren't exactly welcome in that part of the world.Armed with some outrageous and extremely useful gadgets disguised as toys, Rider must soon try to win the trust of the Russian on his own, but finds himself in a seemingly losing battle against the rich and powerful man.Alex discovers the Russian's deadly plot to take over the world, but will a young boy be able to stop him?A terrific book that will having you struggle to put it down as you dive into the world of international spies, crazy military men and truly gripping suspense.I gave this book 5 stars, and it deserves 6, so read it now and find out why!
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