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Paperback The Biology of Belief 10th Anniversary Edition : Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles Book

ISBN: 140195247X

ISBN13: 9781401952471

The Biology of Belief 10th Anniversary Edition : Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles

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Book Overview

This 10th-anniversary edition of Bruce Lipton's best-selling book The Biology of Belief has been updated to bolster the book's central premise with the latest scientific discoveries--and there have been a lot in the last decade.The Biology of Belief is a groundbreaking work in the field of new biology. Former medical school professor and research scientist Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., presents his experiments, and those of other leading-edge scientists,...

Customer Reviews

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Gave Me The Most Important Belief of All...

Firstly, this book is definately beneficial and worth reading whether you agree with all of Lipton's conclusions or not. Others have summarized and commented so well that I would only be redundant. Instead I'd like to respond to the understandable criticism I've read in a few of the reviews... In response to the people who complained that the book lacked "tactics" and only pointed people in the direction of a partner's Psych-K seminar to sign up for, I totally understand this reaction. I had this reaction too at first and I do think Lipton could have done better here. There is nothing at all wrong with an author cross-marketing to a complementary product or service as long as the author provides significant real value in their own material. In this case I Lipton undoubtedly provided this value. Because Lipton should have handled this part much better, don't really like giving it all 5 stars, but the book really delivers the goods overall and it had such a positive effect on me, that it deserves more than 4 stars too. I would give 4 1/2 stars if I could. Lipton could have improved it by being more clear about the other other ways there are to help people change their beliefs/unwanted patterns. Lipton did clearly state that there are a number of Psychology techiques for achieving this and that Psy-K is just one of them (the one he has personally experienced). Lipton could have been more helpful by pointing people to other general areas too. He could have done it in a way that didn't dilute his referal to the one example that he has an indirect business interest in (Psy-K) by listing some things apart from his Psy-K endorsment. Remember, theraputic/tactical end is not Lipton's expertise though (he's a cell biologist, not a hypnotist or other therapist) and nor does he claim or imply that he is. For this reason, I think it would have been irresponsible of him to write about that end of it unless quoting someone else. Seeing a very experienced hypnotist (in person) for example is the most effective way of doing this--the least time consuming and ultimately the least costly way of doing it as well. For deep-rooted beliefs it's more difficult to do it on your own. It's not impossible though...some good resources that I know personally have worked for people are a video set titled something like "Thought Crimes In Taos" by Mark Cunningham (, Anthony Robbins' "Personal Power II" or "Get The Edge" or "Mastering Influence" audio programs, Paul McKenna's "Change Your Life in Seven Days" cd/book (this is by far the least expensive of those I mentioned). A well trained experienced hypnotist or other professional with a track record of real results can be extremely effective though. From what I can tell from a brief demonstration on a video I saw, Psy-K includes a bit of muscle testing, NLP, and waking hypnosis. That was ultimately a teaser to sign of for the training seminar too though so I'm just speculating

We 'receive what we perceive'!

This book will sit alongside my most valued resources in my collection. The reasoning is straightforward - conventional medicine is predicated on the Primacy of Matter - that molecules are the basic building blocks of life and the most important. But conventional health solutions are becoming less effective in the provision of long term health, and more expensive. Dr. Lipton's work is admirable by focusing on the wider interconnections between the energy of our beliefs, and the amazing behaviour of cells and now epigenetics. From changing the central biological dogma of the Primacy of DNA, to outlining the quantum nature of information flows and the astounding benefits of conscious parenting, and the failure of the genome project to find enough proteins, this book is packed full of gems sure to benefit everybody. Lipton addresses energy as purportedly 100 times more powerful than molecules. It simply makes sense we invest our 'energy' in modelling a health system geared towards both chemical AND energy based solutions - vibrations meeting vibrations. Dr. Lipton's work asks us to consider the possibility our primary source of energy comes from our internal and external environments, and our unconscious perceptions have a major influence on the health of this exchange. Obviously contentious, this book is worth 5 stars simply for the pioneering and unique message it brings. With modern technology we can repeatedly 'perceive' energy in ways we couldn't before. Science is about improving our technology, and as we are now well and truly in the ascending Dwapara Yuga (Age of Energy) we are being asked to embrace the beginnings of the wisdom and knowledge technology wave. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in furthering their study and knowledge of biology beyond what is conventionally proselytised and thought energy or consciousness based healing practices such as energy medicine, homeopathy, reiki, energy psychology or huna had a "flaky" foundation. As an adult child of an alcoholic and abuse I know how ineffective drugs are to heal without treatment of beliefs and emotions. Perceptions very easily select actions from which we make assumptions about people and lifestyle decisions that block energy and create pathology. In regards to the critical nature of some commentators - Perhaps there is truth to the saying, "A prophet is never known in their home town." I was fortunate to meet Dr Lipton at one of his seminars in Australia and I was blown away by his grasp of biology and the inspirational hope he brings to this knowledge. Thank you. This work stands on its own, you don't have to know anything about Psych-K to get real value from it. Regards, Daniel John Hancock, Centre for Wisdom & Knowledge Technology
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