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Paperback The Bully Book

ISBN: 0944210007

ISBN13: 9780944210000

The Bully

(Book #5 in the Bluford High Series)

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Book Overview

Featuring contemporary, real-life stories that young adults will relate to, with important life lessons that are not too preach, these two book continue this new series focusing on the students of Bluford High School.

Customer Reviews

6 ratings

The Bully

I read this in sixth grade. I'm glad Darrell stood up to Tyray, and that life at Bluford will get better for him

One of the best books ever.

Paul Langon showed me in this book The Bully the setting, plot, conflict, characters, point of view, and theme. The theme of the this book is about a boy named Darrell Mercer who lived in Philly but moved to California because his mom had lost her job and they became very poor. So Darrell's uncle Jason moves them to California with his famil and gave the mom a new job there she was making more money. Darrell was very mad at his mom because he didn't want to move it was his freshman year in high school . Darrell problem was that he was really skinny and short for his age he looked more like a 5th grader than a 9th grader. So Darrell first dat in California he walked to a corner store where he ran into a boy named Tyray He was large for his age. Darrell found out that they where freshman's in went to Bluford High the new school he was going to start going to so they told Darrell he better start bringing them $10.00 a week Darrell was scared so he decided to pay them. Later that day Darrell meet a girl named Amberlynn he thought she was the prettist girl he had ever seen Darrell found out they she also went to Bluford High. On his first day he found out he had 2 class with Amberlynn amd 3 with Tyray . After his first day he was sad because he went through a hole day with out anyone talking to him. Darrell ran into an old lady at the store she told him she had a grandson named Harold that went to Bluford High so the next day when Darrell went to school he wanted to look for Harold. Darrell found Harold and they became best friends Tyray was still bullying Darrell it had gotten worse because Tyray found out that Amberlynn liked Darrell and Tyray became very jealous. Darrell could not take being bullyed anymore so he wanted to join the wrestling team so he could build confidence and become stronger. Darrell had started to get muscle's at his first match he lost by two point's. The next day at lunch Tyray was made because Darrell didn't pay him his $10.00 they got into a fight Darrell won and Tyray was suspended for bullying. After the fight Darrell had seen that he was not alone anymore he had a girlfriend Amberlynn and a bestfriends Harold. Darrell was not ever bullyed after that anymore

Important Book for Middle School Boys

I think this book is a must for teachers who have middle school boys strugglng with literacy issues. Not only African-American children can relate to this story but immigrant/refugee children as well. The students are outsiders who struggle to fit in and often are limited in knowledge and the culture. Often they are placed in struggling schools and neighborhoods. Parents work long hours and are even more isolated from the culture they live in. This book helps kids, especially boys relate.


I loved this book! I thought that Darrell would never find any friends in his new school, Bluford High. I felt sorry for him for being bullied by Tyray, but I was happy when he stood up to him. I would have done the same thing to a bully in my school. But, overall I absolutly recomend you read this if you have any problems with a bully or if you know someone that is, or if you just like to read than read this book.

The Bully

Ever had to deal with a bully? Darrell has to deal with a new home, a new school, and a new bully named Tyray. Tyray forces Darrell to pay him every friday. Tyray complains how he doesn't like collecting it everyday so he decides to just collect $10.00 every friday at the end of the week. Tyray has threatened Darrell that if he doesn't pay Tyray that Tyrary would hurt Darrell..... bad! Everywhere Darrell goes Tyray goes to follow Darrell around and bully him. Along with bullies at school Darrell is also trying to help his little cousin when he faces a bully, and his bully is in his own family! The book The Bully by Paul Langan is a book of growing confidence and trust. Once you start this book you can't put it down until it is finished. This is a long book, but don't let that hold you off, it will seem like it took you two days to read it!!!

The Action Of The Bully

My name is Darrell Mercer. My mom and I live in A small town we don't have a lot of money. My uncle want us to come stay wit him and his kids because there is a good job waiting for his mom so they have to move. And I have to go to a school called Bluford High. I have to find a way to survive in high school. Knowing that I am one of the little kids in school I have to survive a school full of bullies. There is a boy named Taray and he is one of one of the biggest students in the school and think I am the perfect target to bully. Here I am in front of Bluford High firs day no friends yet. I I meet Taray and he is bullying be already. My uncle is always getting on me because how little I am for my age .I really like this girl in my class I am scared to tell her but there is only one problem Taray like her to. I got to find a way to defeat him. There is all kind of sports I can join to gain weight, strength, and self confidence. I will will show him whose boss and join a club and get stronger and beat him up. I think knows a lot of people now that I am in a really cool club. I and the girl I like is going to go to the school dance together but we can not be seen together or else I will get beat up. But we are caught dancing in the middle of the dance floor and I have to hide. But I guess it is too late now I am stuck in the trash in the restroom. I know I just have to get him back I feel that this story remind me of my little sister because she use to get bullied at school but not anymore because my sister and brother go to school wit her now. My option on this book is never try to get back at someone for something they did the time will come when that person will get something coming there way when the time is right. I recommend this book to teens that like books like this .
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