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Paperback The Complete Asian Cookbook Book

ISBN: 0804837570

ISBN13: 9780804837576

The Complete Asian Cookbook

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Book Overview

With over 800 recipes from 16 countries, Charmaine Solomon's The Complete Asian Cookbook is the perfect introduction to the food of Asia. Charmaine Solomon has tried and tested every recipe, ensuring that they are simple to prepare and that every ingredient and every preparation step are explained in easy-to-follow terms. This classic cookbook, in print for 30 years, ventures into culinary areas that are often overlooked: the sour-hot dishes of Thailand,...

Customer Reviews

6 ratings

Asian cookbook

I love this cookbook.has alot of great Asian recipe's in it from all over.

Ultimate cook book. Great book.

It is hard to be more complementary than the previous reviewers. Before I bought this book I searched for the most comprehensive asian cook book. It was better than I expected. There are not only over 800 recipes, but there are an incredible amount of full color pictures that show many of the recipes... very helpful for the cook that likes experimenting with new and authentic foods! Also, the recipes are explicit and have ingredients that you can find in the local chinese grocer (or indian, etc.) Excellent explanations of cooking techniques and ingredients. If you could get just one book on asian cooking (which includes chinese, indian, sri lankan, vietnamese, etc.) this would be it!I highly recommend this book.

Essential - but you only need one copy

I have owned and loved this cookbook for 20 years. It is a MUST for anyone who wishes to become conversant in Asian food. I have lived in Indonesia for 7 years and traveled extensively in the region, and find her recipes to always be authentic. My one complaint is that a few years ago the book was republished with "revised" in big letters on the front, and I bought a second copy thinking it would be updated inside. In fact, it is absolutely criminal that they refer to it as "revised." IF YOU OWN AN OLDER VERSION OF THIS BOOK DO NOT BUY A NEW ONE. Virtually the only noticeable difference is that the photos are smaller and the list of where to buy ingredients is replaced by a forward saying that ingredients are now more readily available and food processors are useful (duh). Although she mentions changes to one recipe, Singaporean laksa, I have not seen a single change to the rest of book - including corrections of the rare typo or mistake, or instructions for a food processor where it clearly would make sense. Solomon and the publisher should be ashamed that they called the new edition "revised" and thereby caused loyal fans like me to waste money on a new book.

Definately A Good Cookbook for Anyone's Collection

I received this cookbook over the holidays, after noticing it in a bookstore and making it expressly clear I really wanted it. It's sheer size got my attention when sitting on the shelf, and simply looking at the table of contents, and the huge list of types of cuisine covered in the book, made me realize this was definitely something that I would love to have, as it would be a wonderful chance to try new types of food, and expand my cooking horizons. Each country is divided into a seperate section, with the exception of Indian and Pakistani cuisine being grouped together, as she states they are too similar to really be able to seperate. The beginning of each section takes a little time to describe the country, and to show the author's connection to the cuisine from that area - she's spent time working with people from every area, watching and talking to them, to learn their ingredients and cooking methods. And it shows, as after the description, she gets into information on those methods of cooking, how the food is presented, and how it is eaten. She'll also give a list of ingredients very common to the cuisines from that area, things you'll want to keep on hand if you make that type of cuisine often. Each recipe is presented in both it's native name (or English transliteration), along with the English equivalent underneath. The instructions are also nice and clear, making it less likely that there will be confusion during cooking. As Ms Solomon lives in Australia, and the book originates there, there are a number of minor differences in names of ingredients, utensils, and other items. There is a handly little chart in the back of the book to give a "translation" between American and Australian names. Usually this can be figured out quickly, as most of them are not that different. She also states substitutions for certain ingredients. The book tries to balance out the ingredients used in the dishes, sticking as much as possible to authentic ingredients, but listing others for some hard to find items. Those are listed in the book, so if you are able to find them, you can use them instead - and if you're in an area where some of the other ingredients are not available, you'll also see other choices to approximate the flavor and texture of the missing ingredients.

The Complete Asian Cookbook

First off, let me confess - I am the author of this book. However, I have only recently dared to "surf the net" and have been delighted to discover several 5-star reviews of this book which was written 25 years ago. I would like to thank all those who have given it such high praise, and assure them that the reason the recipes work so well is because I tested them all and then made sure that I relayed the information in easy-to-understand language. It was lots of hard but enjoyable work, and when I read the reviews it makes me feel it was certainly worth while. I have thanked those who included an email address, and just wish they all did. I have written many books since then, but this one is probably the most used in my kitchen too. If anyone thinks their copy is dog-eared and has stains on it, they should see mine! Before the internet, I would get letters from places I have never been, but where someone has cooked from my book and found it rewarding. Considering the way Asian ingredients have become widely available in the intervening years, the introduction to the revised edition covers the subject for those who live in big cities and can buy the fresh herbs, roots and leaves which are now sold even in "western" societies. The publisher keeps reminding me that there are folks out in woop-woop (Australian slang for back of beyond), who would still have to rely on dried or canned ingredients, so we didn't re-write the recipes, knowing that any keen cook would make their own adjustments. Meanwhile, I have been making my own adjustments - there's always something to learn, and in the past five years I've taken to making curry pastes and marinades which cut time in the kitchen by half. These were mostly to save myself and my cooking pupils time and effort. Soon it became impossible to keep it so exclusive, and now the Charmaine Solomon range of curry pastes, marinades and spice mixes are sold in specialist food stores throughout Australia, in Sainsbury in UK and Dean & Deluca in U.S. To all those who enjoy my work, a big, heart-felt thank you. Happy cooking and eating!

THE only Asian cookbook to own

I have owned the original copy of this book since 1984. I also lived on the Pacific Rim for 12 years. This book is without a doubt the most authentic Asian cookbook I own, and I own several. I have found Ms. Solomon's directions always clear and informative. Yes, some ingredients may be a bit out of date and you can use shortcuts (i.e. canned Thai sauces), but I find I still go back to the original recipes for the best taste. I have never had a failure using this book. My Maylaysian/Indian friend uses the Malay and Indian recipes all the time (because they're so good), the Thai section is better than in the restaurants, I re-create Indonesian food that tastes the same as in Indonesia, and everyone asks me for my Chinese and Indian recipes. The Japanese food tastes just like in the Japanese restaurant in San Francisco where I ate If you really get into Asian cooking I also recommend Ms. Solomon's Encyclopedia of Asian food, and another book called simply "Southeast Asian Cooking," by a German publisher (no author listed).
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