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Paperback The McDonaldization of Society : An Investigation into the Changing Character of Contemporary Social Life Book

ISBN: 0803990006

ISBN13: 9780803990005

The McDonaldization of Society : An Investigation into the Changing Character of Contemporary Social Life

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Book Overview

One of the most noteworthy and popular sociology books of all time, The McDonaldization of Society demonstrates the power of the sociological imagination to today's readers in a way that few books have been able to do. It is ideal for use in a wide range of undergraduate courses and will be of equal interest to anyone interested in social criticism. This book links a large number of social phenomena to McDonaldization, some which are directly affected...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

The McDonaldization of Society--scares me

George Ritzer's book, The McDonaldization of Society was one of the most eye opening books I have ever read. Ritzer did a fabulous job of breaking down society into a simple example of fast food chains. Refering to our society as following the idea of fast food chains- predictable, calculable, efficient, and controlling, Ritzer not only described society today, but also used clear examples of how society will adapt and be effected by McDonaldization in the future. I was so unaware of the effects of McDonaldization on society, not only are we becoming robots in a way, but also we are starting to move so quickly in everything we do that people are forgetting to enjoy life. I loved everything about this book, from the examples Ritzer used to the knowledge it brought forth to me. The only downfall of the book was how synical I have become since reading it. The McDonaldization of Society informed me with so much knowledge it made me take a step back and analyze the things around me. All I have to say is I think we have a scary world ahead of us. I mean seriously who want to live in a robot society?....I certainly don't . Overall The McDonaldization of Society is a book I would recommend to read, but be prepared of what you are about to embark upon.

Credit Ritzer for seeing and saying this

It's nice to see that the book has been updated for the "new century," clearly it is a seminal work that gets at the root of the direction that our society is taking. For those readers who are troubled by mega-mergers and large corporations dumping toxins into lakes: this book provides the needed background information on how these globalizing systems develop and why. My only caveat is that now the term "Wal-Mart-ization, is probably more apropos given the rapid expanse of this enterprise. Two reasons why Wal-Mart is more appropriate. First, McDonalds is merely one small department within a Wal-Mart. And secondly, Wal-Marts have a detrimental effect (debate this on your own if you like) on the local economy. McDonalds, rarely had the kind of economic impact on their environs as Wal-marts do. I understand that McDonalds came first, though - so okay.There are other aspects that I'd like to see discussed in the book: 1. The factoid I've heard that countries with McDonalds don't go to war with each other; and 2. Is the deteriorating level of service at places like McDonalds indicative of a decline with something else in our society? I don't know what neighborhood Ritzer is from, but I wouldn't go in to the McDonalds near my college campus if you paid me. It also seems to be the place where the panhandlers are most prevalent. These would make for a nice epilogue to any new editions; I read the first.

Comedy, Political Theory, Social Theory Rolled Into One

Finally someone to critique this whole SUV-driving,fast-food gobbling, ATM, credit-card debting, Banana Republic we have created...This book, for me, almost read like a comedy, especially when Ritzer describes the "iron cage of McDonaldization" - how devices that were designed to save Americans time and money - fast food windows, ATM machines - actually end up wasting more time and money. Intelligent theory underlies his arguments. I'm thinking many aspects of the Internet could be the same way...Best quote was from the teenager in Dale City, Va., who, when McDonald's came to their town, said: "Nothing this big has ever happened to Dale City."

Excellent thesis on McDonaldization's impact on society

Ritzer analyzes the way McDonaldized systems work to increase efficiency while lowering quality, how we accept bland homogeneity for the sake of convenience while stifling diversity. An outstanding book of sociology, written with uncommon grace and humor.

A book everyone should read

George Ritzer's book on McDonaldisation of society makes fantastic reading, while being loaded with sociological observations. It is absolutely impossible not to stop to rethink our modern attitudes towards the easy way of life, after having read it. It is essential that we realise the extent of manipulation we undergo in our everyday life. Moreover, Ritzer's book is especially valuable to the countries of the former Communist block,where whatever is American is considered pefrect and undergoes the process of idealisation. Perhaps Ritzer's observations will save some of the readers from the life in the cage, which is created by McDonald's and its offspring.
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