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Paperback The Perfect Man Book

ISBN: 0439753783

ISBN13: 9780439753784

The Perfect Man

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Book Overview

A new tween romantic comedy. Teen queen Hilary Duff plays matchmaker for her single mom, Heather Locklear -- and meets her own match along the way! Holly doesn't believe in love, but her mom Jean is a helpless romantic searching for the perfect man. Whenever Jean gets dumped, she picks up her family and moves to a new town. Holly never used to mind the moves, but after arriving in Brooklyn and meeting the boy of her dreams, she decides she wants to...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

The Perfect Movie Novelization!

I own this movie novel, the movie, and the soundtrack and I love them all. The movie is heartwarming and the movie novelization captures its beauty and wit and puts it all into one story. The Perfect Man is a wonderful Hilary Duff movie and will leave you disgusted or happy (depends on whether or not you like the movie). This movie novelization has every part of the movie in its pages, and has some scenes not seen in the movie. This is a quick read, me finishing it in about 3 hours (depends on how fast you read). This is a fun movie novel that will leave you the same way as you finished watching the movie (my grade: A-). If you haven't seen the movie, I would highly recommend it! Heather and Hilary are perfect mother-and-daughter in this heart warming movie. Hope you Enjoy! If you liked this, you may like 1. Just My Luck movie novelization 2. A Cinderella Story movie novelization AND 3. The Bend it Like Beckham movie novelization Jordan Overall grade* A Oh, and if you saw the trailer and wondered what the song that is in it is called, it is "Waiting on the sun" performed by Sixpence none the richer. Great song!

A Good Book

In The Perfect Man by Jenny Markas, the main characters are Holly Hamilton, Jean Hamilton, Zoey Hamilton, Amy Pearl, and Adam Forrest. One of the main events is when Holly Jean and Zoey move to Los Angeles. Another important part of the story is when Holly writes a love letter. Later, Holly talks to Ben about Jean and they meet at her bakery. I wanted to read the book because the movie came out and after I read I want to see the movie and compare them. I think teenage and pre-teenage girls would enjoy this book because it is about a girl trying to find her perfect man. The theme is to find who the perfect man is. In my opinion I liked the story idea and what the writer was trying to tell. Holly's computer name is "Username- girl on the move." That meant that they moved a lot (page 21). Holly's mom had lots of problems. An example is "Maybe I can't raise my child because I am a child," said Jean. This shows she is having trouble with her daughter. Holly didn't like who her mom dated. For example, "His stupid car is louder than a jumbo jet," Holly said when her mom went out with Lenny. Those were all good parts of the book. But, I didn't like some parts of the book because it failed to tell details like what a person looked like. When Holly met Adam Forrest, it didn't tell what he looked like. I can understand parts of a character's personality, but I can't picture them. "That's my seat ,"Adam said to Holly (page 29). "I don't like sitting up front." That is an example of how it failed to tell details. In conclusion, I think that the book was probably the second best book I've ever read. I really enjoyed reading it and thought it was funny . I do recommend this book. I recommend this book because it's kind of like a fairy tale. Also I know that some people move a lot and they can definitely relate to the story. Alexis N.

You wont regret or go wrong with 'The Perfect Man'

After watching 'The Perfect Man' film and finding it very much to my liking, the next option for me was to buy the soundtrack and book. These three items are essential to me when watching films now, to give myself a greater appreciation and understanding of everything 'The Perfect Man' has turned out to be. In a word, that would be perfect. If you feel the same as me you mustn't pass up the oportunity to own 'The Perfect Man'. On easy-to-read pages the witty and intelligent dialogue that runs throughout the film, and thought processes for characters searching for 'The Perfect Man' is brilliantly captured in a wonderful embodiment of work. Parents would also enjoy reading it to young children and the colourful pictures are particularly adorable. There are also lessons to be learned through it, so this is not brainless entertainment. I promise you wont regret or can go wrong with 'The Perfect Man'. Grab hold of a copy of 'The Perfect Man' now and don't let him go. He wont wait around forever, but add him to your bookshelf and he's sure to brighten up your life when there is no one left to turn to, but this book that holds infinite possibilities for the future, and single people everywhere.

Natasha's review

I love this book because it alternates between a Holly Hamilton and her mom Jean Hamilton. Another reason I love this book is that it's about a life of a girl who always has to move. It's about a girl named Holly and her mom named Jean. Holly always gets upset because they always move, because her mom has bad relationships and she doesn't want to deal with it. Holly makes up a perfect man for her mom to go out with but the perfect man wasn't real until she met her friend's uncle. I think this book will be perfect for teenage girls because they probably went through the same thing, and at some parts I think it will be perfect for guys because they will learn what to give, say, or treat a lady.

Fabulous Novelization!

Sixteen-year-old Holly Hamilton is sick of having to pack up her life and move to a new part of the United States every couple of months, simply because her mother, Jean, has been dumped by yet another second-rate man who turns out to be anything but perfect. However, when Holly moves to Brooklyn, New York, and meets a cool new friend, she realizes that she's done with moving. For once in her life she just wants to stay in one place. So, she conceives the perfect plan for the perfect man - a secret admirer who doesn't truly exist, to take Jean's mind off of her latest loser of a conquest. Holly thinks that a secret admirer and a little bit of romance is exactly what her mom needs to give her that little boost of confidence she's always been striving for. Unfortunately, the imaginary relationship really takes off, and suddenly, Holly finds herself using her friend's Uncle Ben as the face behind the letters and gifts. And soon, she's running around like a crazy person, just trying to keep up with all of her lies, that she totally doesn't notice the perfect man - for herself. As a Hilary Duff fan, I am ecstatic about the release of the movie THE PERFECT MAN. So when I saw Jenny Markas' novelization of the film in the bookstore, I just knew that I had to have it. I am happy to report that, unlike some novelization's that seem dry, and show no character development/emotion, THE PERFECT MAN is far from that. It paints each character as having feelings and emotions that the reader can truly connect with, and really lays out a great understanding of the upcoming film. Fans of Hilary Duff, or anyone looking for a great, heartwarming, romantic comedy of a novelization will adore THE PERFECT MAN. Erika Sorocco Book Review Columnist for The Community Bugle Newspaper
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