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Paperback The Pigman Book

ISBN: 0060757353

ISBN13: 9780060757359

The Pigman

(Book #1 in the The Pigman Series)

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Book Overview

Join the millions of readers who have discovered The Pigman , the beloved bestselling young adult classic from Paul Zindel, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds . The Pigman is the perfect read for fans of modern classics like The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton and Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. When high school sophomores John and Lorraine made a prank phone call to an elderly stranger named Angelo...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Great Audiobook!

I ordered the audiobook version because my son had this book on his required reading list. I started listening with him for a couple minutes to get him started, but then I couldn't walk away, I was hooked and had to listen to the whole thing that night! It is really well-written and well performed! It is often very funny - we were laughing out loud at several places. And the narrators did such a great job - they sound like the real teenagers telling us their story. The boy reads one chapter, and the girl reads the next chapter - and I really liked the banter between them and their entirely different personalities and perspectives. I found it all very entertaining, very funny at times and very dramatic at others. My son got wrapped up in the story and I was so glad I got to listen to it as well. We just ordered the sequel and look forward to listening to that on our family drive to Chicago.

Pigman Summary

The Pigman by Paul Zindel was published in 1968 by Bantam Books. The novel is a fiction "memorial epic" about two high school students, John and Lorraine, who meet an old man, Mr. Pignati, and spend a lot of time with him. The main setting is Mr. Pignati's house. The main characters write the book about their experiences with the Pigman.John and Lorraine's families do not give them support and don't pay any attention to them. They meet the Pigman through a prank phone call. John and Lorraine start hanging out with the Pigman, but their relationship is not normal because of the age difference (Mr. Pignati is about 56 years old and John and Lorraine are either 14 or 15 years old) and we know that it is not going to have a happy ending. (His name is Mr. Pignati but they call him the Pigman because he collects glass pigs.) John and Lorraine start hanging out with the Pignman because he is so nice and partly because they feel sorry for him. The Pigman takes John and Lorraine to the zoo to meet Bobo, the Baboon. Mr. Pignati is very nice to them and pays them attention, which their parents don't give them much of. One day while they are playing around at his house, the Pigman has a heart attack and goes to the hopsital. While he is in the hospital, John and Lorraine have a party. The Pigman comes home early from the hospital in the middle of the party to find his house a wreck. Throughout the story, John and Lorraine are trying to be what they aren't, adults, and the Pigman is trying to be what he isn't, a kid. Because John and Lorraine are playing at being adults, they are forced to grow up and be more mature.Zindel's purpose is to entertain and to send a message to teenagers not to pretend to be what you aren't. Zindel entertains the readers, young and old, by having the two main characters switch on and off writing the chapters. You get to read each point of view. Also, the problems that John and Lorraine face are realistic problems. Lorraine's family isn't perfect and John's family is falling apart. The message Zindel sends teenagers is not to pretend to be what you aren't. The Pigman is playing at being a kid and has a heart attack because of it, and John and Lorraine are playing at being adults and end up with adult problems at the end. The strengths of the novel are that it's appealing to teens and it catches the reader's attention. It appeals to teens because two teenagers are writing the story, and the author uses childish humor. For instance, John refers to a kid at the party as looking like a "constipated weasel." (Just try to picture this.) The personalities and the way the book is written makes the reader get "hooked on the book."I would recommend this book to teens or older because the problems that the characters face and how they deal with them are interesting. The book seems like it is a comedy and a tragedy, and it keeps you reading on.

I'm sorry, but this is one of the best books I've ever read!

Thank you to my teacher, who made us read this book for freshman honors English. Among my peers, I was among the few who enjoyed the book, which I find so sad. These days our lives seem built so much on materialistic things and for once, I wish everyone would see the beauty in this book and that is to enjoy life while you have it. The story is simple enough. It's about two teenagers whose home lives are, well to say the least, less than perfect. The way Zindel writes these characters makes it very easy to understand and to relate to them. I found myself nodding my head along with their words while reading the book almost the whole time. The boy in this scenario, is named John Conlon. Basically he's the quintessential bad boy. He drinks, he smokes, but underneath there's a guy who just wants to be understood and be an individual. Then there's his best friend Lorraine Jensen, who doesn't believe she was blessed with good looks like her slightly abusive and very 'out there' mother or John. Still one day while playing telephone pranks, they come across the number of Mr.Pignati and some how convince the poor, old, and obviously lonely man that they are calling to ask him to donate for a charity. The story just balloons out from there. The book is amazing. It most definately should be a must read on everyone's list. To read about two teenagers and how they learn to love each other and this lonely man is just inspiring. And though the book eventually comes to end (but there is a sequel to satistfy the rest of you, and me, he he he), these characters will definately live on in your mind. And if they don't, then I believe you are truly missing out. This book is one of the hidden gems. My mom read it in her English class and now I'm reading it. Don't miss this book for the world! I'm very glad that I didn't.

A must for every High School Teacher!

Through his style of writing, Paul Zindel makes it easy for anyone to make a connection with the characters. Can you picture a teenager without life dilemmas? Not in today's society, so this is one book you must have every teenager read. In this book, you will meet two dynamic characters- John and Lorraine. They are two sophomores in high school who share with the reader their adventures. John is the typical prankster. Lorraine is his sidekick. Together, they to many things. They drink and smoke at the cemetery, and play practical jokes on people. The famous telephone marathon prank was one prank that changed their lives forever. The Pigman introduces them to a whole new world. Throughout the book, John and Lorraine will encounter themes of love, compassion, and trust. In addition, you will read about the different conflicts they experience. What does John's father wants him to be when he grows up? Why Lorraine's mother hates men? Who is Bobo? When I read this book as an adult, I could not put it down! I found myself becoming part of the story. I strongly encourage every educator to have this become part of your reading collection. If you are not an educator, you should purchase or recommend this book to any teenager you know. They will not be able to thank you enough.

A Great Coming of Age Story

Now an adult, I remember reading this book in middle school. I remember how much I enjoyed it so much, that I went back and read it again! I definately suggest this to any young adult, and even some adults. It is easy reading and presents alot of events crucial in those teenage years. Anger, death, committment, & sorrow are a few topics hit on. It also has a cute pictural story that may just help you pick the perfect mate!
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