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Paperback LSAT Logic Games Bible : A Comprehensive System for Attacking the Logic Games Section of the LSAT Book

ISBN: 0988758660

ISBN13: 9780988758667

LSAT Logic Games Bible : A Comprehensive System for Attacking the Logic Games Section of the LSAT

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Format: Paperback

Condition: Very Good

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Book Overview

The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games BibleTM is the most comprehensive book available for the Logic Games section of the LSAT. This best-selling book will provide you with an advanced system for attacking any game that you may encounter on the LSAT. The concepts presented in the Logic Games Bible are representative of the techniques covered in PowerScore s live courses and have consistently been proven effective for thousands of students. The PowerScore...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Buyer Beware!!!!

The image displayed indicates this book is the 2020 version, however upon receiving the book the version I received was a 2018 version!! Beware!! False advertising! Do not purchase unless you are willing to receive an old version of this book!!

Clear and Comprehensive

I usually dreaded logic games like the ones that appear in the LSAT. While some of the questions were generally straightfoward, there were some that I just couldn't get or would eventually get after spending great quantities of energy and time -- which is a definite no-no on the LSAT. I bought the Logic Games Bible because I wasn't impressed with Kaplan's review materials, and I wasn't going to waste my money on actual classes. After only a few weeks of careful review, the logic games became clearer. I began to solve them faster and with greater accuracy. I scored perfectly on the LSAT logic games section after using onyl this book. This is a definite buy for anyone who struggles with logic games. Powerscore takes you step-by-step to not only set up the games but also to teach what inferences can be drawn from certain game rules. Like most learning, once you see Powerscore set up a problem or draw and inference, that knowledge stays with you. Highly recommended.

The Best, Period

I've been studying for the LSAT off and on for the past two years, and I've worked my way through a lot of study guides. Princeton Review's LSAT publication and the Kaplan book (not the 180) are good as general overviews, but I wouldn't bank on taking away any methods that will drastically improve your score. Additionally, using such material in addition to PowerScore materials may leave you confused as to what symbols or methods to employ in a given situation. That said, this is by far and away the most powerful tool that you can have in your arsenal as you prepare for the LSAT. It teaches clear and easy symbolization techniques, helpful places to look in making deductions, and the most effective ways to tackle different kinds of questions. Even after using other LSAT prep materials, I was still answering only about half of the questions in the Logic Games section correctly. After going through this book thoroughly twice, I am much more efficient and scoring near perfect in Games on every previously administered LSAT that I take. This book, in combination with the Logic Reasoning Bible, raised my practice LSAT score ranges from the mid-150's (153-157) to the high 160's (166-169). Beware of study prep materials that tell you that you can perform without first making deductions on the Logic Games portion of the LSAT, as deductions are incredibly important (most likely not only for me) in pre-phrasing answers and eliminating wrong answer choices, allowing a rapid attack of the questions. Also be advised that taking previously administered LSATs under timed conditions is another very important key to success, and the more tests you take, the more your comfort level will grow and the higher your average score will become. In short, if you are struggling with the Logic Games portion of the LSAT, buy this book!


Are you smart? Were you shocked at how fundamentally simple you felt in the presence of the logic games section? Read on.Of 77-78 possible points on the other three LSAT sections, I typically score 70-72, not a slouch performance. On my first LSAT pre-assessment GAMES section I answered 12 (half of the possible) with only two correct answers. You want to talk about a reality check?! The sheer magnitude of the failure crushed me.So I did what you've likely done - purchased "Master", "Princeton", "Kaplan", "Kaplan 180", blah, blah, blah, ad infinitum. Most give obtuse instruction for someone with my GAMES ability. I needed remedial help from step one with a "1-2-3 learn and apply" appoach. This is where the "Bible" shines. By using accessible language for someone from a non-logic background, it guides you step by step into full comprehension of games principles (through the most complex and universally applicable) and, most importantly to me, to practical application of those principles by drilling in practice exericses. Included are full (read:complete) explanations of all answers for the times you say, "huh?". Remember calculus? You kind of understood the fundamental principles, but the ceaseless practice (homework) made you proficient. Same thing. No need to have the esoteric comprehension of a logician when you can apply and win. After all, isn't law about practical application of principles? (Aspiring judges primed to write opinions and set precedents please do not respond.)If you are already scoring 20 points in the GAMES section or possess a preternatural ability to manipulate these questions in mental space, forget this book. Pick up "Kaplan 180" and enjoy your Yale scholarship. For the rest of us, the "Bible" is REQUIRED reading.

A serious book for anyone seeking serious LSAT scores

This book is extremley comprehensive in every respect... But if you are smart enough to begin your LSAT preperation a few months ahead of time--and are willing to work [hard]--then this book will do the trick. It helped me score a 179 in February. Before purchasing the Logic Games Bible, I took KAPLAN's $1000 classroom course... Right away, I knew "The Bible" was going to be better than KAPLAN because it used the commonsense approach of setting up games BELOW the questions (where there's actually room to write). In every respect, The Bible provides a more systematic and organized approach to setting up games than does KAPLAN. Having The Bible's more diciplined and systematic approach to setting up and solving the games proved invaluable on test day. I finished all four games with 9 minutes to spare. You should have seen the confused looks I got when, after only 26 minutes into the Logic Games section, I put my pencil down, raised my hand, and asked to go to the restroom! Their system paid off. Agian, this book will deliver the goods--but like most things in life, you'll only get out of it what you put into it.
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