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Paperback The Secret Garden Book

ISBN: 1537452460

ISBN13: 9781537452463

The Secret Garden

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Book Overview

Mary Lennox is a troubled, sickly, and unloved 10-year-old girl born in India to selfish, wealthy British parents who never wanted her. She is primarily cared for by servants, who pacify her as much as possible to keep her out of her parents' way. She grows into a spoiled and selfish girl. Mary finds a magical garden, two new friends, a robin and a gardener and embarks on a magical journey. The Secret Garden is a much loved classic for children and...

Customer Reviews

8 ratings

The copy I was sent was very damaged and should have been rated poor. The story was great.

The Secret Garden is a great book for young children. The book suggest the need for friends and imaginations. Occasions with friends can help you get healthy and strong and lift your spirits. Hope for the future is an added benefit.

I was sent the wrong book

I was sent the book, "The Secret Garden DIARY", not "The Secret Garden". It had a lock on it and when we finally picked it it was some little girl's diary from 1992. I ordered the secret garden, as you can see where I'm leaving the review when the email asked me to leave a review of the book, it shows I purchased the secret garden, but that was not what I was sent. Please check your books before sending them out so that people get the book that they paid for not something else.

A childhood favorite

As one of my favorite books when I was a kid (still a favorite) I'm thrilled to now read it to my girls and to witness their excitement as each page is turned. This is a very special read and one I would recommend to everyone.

Book The Secret Garden

My favorite niece is now old enough to read this book so for christmas I purchased the book for her and also The Boxcar Children. These were two of my favorite books when I was her age.

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden opens up with a spoiled girl name Mary Lennox who gets everything she wants. She is always somehow ill in one way or another. She loves no one and no one loves her. Her parents never paid attention to her and her mother wants nothing to do with her. She was taken care of by native servants and they did everything that Mary told them to do because Mary's mom did not want to deal with crying or yelling. Mary's life changed completely when an outbreak of cholera happens in the Lennox's household. Everyone dies, leaving Mary all alone in her room crying and wondering where everyone went. Later, she is found by two soldiers who send her to her maternal uncle. Her uncle's house is a huge mansion with one hundred rooms in it; most of the rooms are locked up. Everyone describes her uncle as a "miserable hunchback". Mary is not too exited about going to live with him. When Mary arrives at his house, she finds that staying inside is not to fun. So she starts to play outside, running all through the gardens. She meets all sorts of friends. She becomes more engaged in the world, less ill, and stronger. Mary Lennox begins her adventure when she finds a hidden door to a secret garden. She wanders all through it and is so amazed. She then meets a new friend, Dickens, and they meet in the garden together everyday. They plant flowers and just hang out together. They spend the rest of the summer together. This book was awesome! Quite amazing, I thought. It was very interesting all through it. I would rate this as a four star book. You should defiantly read it as soon as possible!

A very fine book to read

For anyone who is teaching their 8 or 9 year old how to write this is one fine book to read because it is so well written. I am a homeschooler who is using IEW to teach my children to write and this book is loaded with "dress-ups". All that aside, the story line is captivating, the characters are memorable, and there are lessons to be learned here that will last a lifetime.

Mistress Mary, quite contrary...

The Secret Garden - my mum gave me this book when I was about eight and in the front it says: "for Kate, who will stay up reading until the wee hours of the morning." and it is true. I've read this book many times since then and I discover something new each time.The characters are wonderful, especially Mary, Colin, Ben Weatherstaff and the "Yorkshire angel" Dickon. The changes that happen to both Mary and Colin throughout the book are a delight to observe. I feel protected and happy once I've finished this book, things turn out happily, for the best and the image I have in my head of the Secret Garden surpasses anything I have ever seen in real life - and that is fine, for this is literature.Read it.

A literature that the none-literature readers will love.

It's amazing for me to read a book in tree days and want to read it again.I'm a Chinese,but I just can't resist the story line printed on the cover,and I bought a English version.I thought I can read it slowly and prectice my English,but I finished in only three days. Three person who can't love and got together in a great house.Mary,Collin,and Mr.Craven was teached what love is and how to love others by theyselves and by a magical natual-love boy,Dickon.And finally the great house bathed in terror came bake to the arm of the love. I can't write too much about this book.The ending will make you laugh with happiness and make you cry moved by the ending. You really should not only read it,but also own one.

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