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Paperback The Secrets of Nostradamus : A Radical New Interpretation of the Master's Prophecies Book

ISBN: 0060084391

ISBN13: 9780060084394

The Secrets of Nostradamus : A Radical New Interpretation of the Master's Prophecies

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His name has become a synonym for clairvoyance: Nostradamus, astrologer to the king of France, the most famous seer in Western history. But the real meaning of his prophecies has gone undetected, hidden in a secret alchemical code. Known as the Green Language, it was understood by only a handful of medieval occult scholars, and has been lost for centuries -- until now. David Ovason spent 40 years working on the Green Language, enabling him to finally...

Customer Reviews

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It's Radical, All Right...

Give Ovason a break... he tells you that it's radical in the book title... Nostradamus rather frankly admitted to obscuring the meanings of his quatrains in such a way that no one would be able to fully understand them prior to the events described. Therefore, taking a "proper look" at the mysterious Nostradamus quatrains calls for knowledge of astrology as practiced in 16th century France, familiarity with the 15th century Trithemius planetary periods used by Nostradamus, and being versed in deciphering the esoteric 16th Century "Green Language" used by Nostradamus. Fortunately, unlike any other Nostradamus authors out there, Ovason fits the bill. As you'll notice from the other reviews, you'll either love or hate Ovason's radical take on Nostradamus. Speaking as an astrologer (as was Nostradamus) Ovason is "the man"...

The Magus Vindicated

David Ovason's book is a labor of love and great erudition. Nostradamus wrote in several natural languages. His spellingis not consistent and his dating is arcane. Those who want Ovason's book to be full of hot tips for tomorrow's stock market will be disappointed. However, those seeking a deeper understanding of the MASTERY of Nostradamus must put up with the MYSTERY -- both coming from the same root. The green language is centuries old and Medieval troubadours discovered the ROMA speled backwards meant AMOR... Great Russian-American linguist Roman Jakobson spoke of "internal declension" of words... Note examples of the sort "Only MAD DOGS and Englishmen enjoy the MID DAY sun"... All texts must be understood at several levels, and for a converted Jew writing at a time when one could be burned at the stake for sorcery, Nostradamus was writing for the initiates, who understood the reverence for the printed wordand the price of paper. Nostradamus' writing is not unlike that of Eric Hoffer (the author / creator of the True Believer) whereevery word was nursed and not dictated to a secretary... The ability to see the future is, alas, not science and for anyone who has read any number of prophecies from different cultures, some of the most trivial things are mixed with the monumental...Ovason points one in a certain direction and does not spoonfeed.Nor does he resort to the centuries-old principle of "si non e vero, e ben travato" (even if untrue, well done). The so-called translations and various editions of Nostradamus and even translations of the Bible into Modern English require a great deal of commentary. There are bloopers in the translation of the Scriptures that have have survived for a millenium (love thy neighbor / love the one who is dear to you). Every age has its "editors" and Nostradamus did not escape this curse.Anyone upset with Ovason and tilting the electric fans of positivism should abstain from reading prophecies for, as is known, by definition they come true only after the fact. Pity the person who invents a "Machine" that will churn "101%" genuine prophecy articles. In the world of quantuum physics and parallel realities, all critics who "devastate" Nostradamuses of this world are perhaps victims of the esoteric truths of the sort, "beware of the things you desire, for they have a way coming true." The last 300 years of Cartesian "clarity" and merciless mechanicism are hardly something one should boast about loudly after September 11. The gods of positivism have neither predicted nor protected us from 911, so why pounce on a major Magus like Nostradamus who at least has quite a few PROVEN feats to his credit? (The more philosophically minded may want to look to Martin Bubber's distinction between PROPHECIES and PREDICTIONS and think in terms of Nostradamus being someone who was more than just a XVI century "psyschic"?) To anyone not afraid to let some fresh air into their airtight world, I recommend Ovasson highly. What a book,

Subtle Intellect

The excellent scholarship that lies behind David's work mimics the 16th century's scholar's dedication to clarity and accuracy. This book will not be a clear or easy read for the mass market. However, clarity must not be confused with simplicity. This book is clear to some. Simple, it is not. The green language is, by nature, a code, and thus unreadable without its key. David supplies this key and opens a new door of understanding to those willing to invest a little time in thought. The green language was used because of its unique ability to express the most subtle of intellectual ideas. it was also used to shield these ideas from the calumny of the unlearned masses. Thus, revealing the code will certainly open the author to calumny, the student to enlightenment, and all fools to a field upon which they may practice there art.

Subtlety of Intellect

David Ovason knows, as many of the scholars know who have studied the culture of the 16th century, that works of philosophy and science of that period were not written to be understood or enjoyed by the unlearned masses. In fact many works of this period were published in Latin because it was the accepted language of the learned. Green Language was commonly used by scholars of the time because it was more flexible when transmitting thoughts of great subtlety. Clarity of thought and word is a virtue. However, do not confuse simplicity with clarity. I highly recommend Mr. Ovason's work for the serious student of Nostradamus or of the 16th century. However, this book will probably not be palatable to the masses.


After reading so many books on the Master's visions and so many interpretations, this is the one I've been waiting for. Ovason clearly takes the reader trhough the translations of a quatrain and explains the mystery behind the meaning. The Green Language was new to me, and as I read the book, many things became clear to me. Please pick up this book, and forget everything that you have heard about Nostradamus before. This is the definitive interpretation(s), and you will love it!
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