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Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace - One School at a Time

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This description may be from another edition of this product. From Viking Press In regards to the 60 Minutes episode that aired April 17, 2011: "Greg Mortenson's work as a humanitarian in Afghanistan and Pakistan has provided tens of thousands of children with...

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Three Cups of Tea

A fabulous story of how one man dedicated his life to making the lives of children better by providing them with schools. In one of the most remote parts of Pakistan this world class mountain climber decided to build a school for the children of the villagers who saved his life. (His only stipulation was that girls as well as boys be allowed to attend the school) This led to additional schools in both Pakistan and Afghanistan. He has made more of an impact on the lives of these children and their parents than any government within or without these countries. He has truly been a miracle worker.

Teach the children

Written for kids 8 and up, this young reader's edition of Three Cups of Tea tells the inspirational story of Greg Mortenson and his selfless mission to build schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Mortenson's original book, Three Cups of Tea, has become a worldwide bestseller. Since the goal is about building schools and educating kids, this book and the newly published picture book Listen to the Wind are naturals. When mountaineer Mortenson got lost in the Pakistani mountains after a failed attempt at climbing K2, he was rescued by the villagers in impoverished Korphe. As he was nursed back to health, Mortenson was shocked to learn that Korphe's children had no school, with lessons taught outdoors just three days a week. Kids learned to write using sticks in the dirt. To repay the village's kindness, Mortenson promised to return, and help build a school. Mortenson did come back to Korphe, and has indeed helped build not just one but fifty-five schools -- many for girls -- in both Pakistan and Afghanistan. The idea of "three cups of tea" comes from Korphe's village chief, Haji Ali. "With the first cup of tea you are a stranger, with the second you become a friend, and with the third, you join our family." Many parts of Mortenson's story are thrilling as he describes his adventures in such a dangerous part of the world. A trip to Afghanistan, for example, comes complete with red rocks that signal land mines: "There are millions of land mines buried all over Afghanistan, left there by armies after years and years of war. When one is found -- usually because it explodes -- rocks in the area are painted red, as a warning." A story like this is both inspiring and eye-opening, and should help kids feel closer to children in other parts of the world. Bonus features include maps of the region; a foreword by Dr. Jane Goodall; an interview with Mortenson's teenage daughter Amira, who has traveled with him in his work; and two sections of color photos printed on glossy paper. Here's the chapter list: Maps Foreword by Dr. Jane Goodall Introduction Chapter 1: Failure Chapter 2: The Wrong Side of the River Chapter 3: I'm Going to Build You a School Chapter 4: Growing Up Chapter 5: 580 Letters, One Check Chapter 6: Hard Way Home Chapter 7: Korphe at Last Chapter 8: A Bridge Before a School Chapter 9: Hunting Ibex Chapter 10: Building Bridges Chapter 11: Six Days Chapter 12: Beginnings Chapter 13: Haji Ali's Lesson Chapter 14: A Smile Should Be More Than a Memory Chapter 15: A Picture Chapter 16: New Schools -- and More Chapter 17: Running From War Chapter 18: Too Much to Do Chapter 19: A Village Called New York Chapter 20: Afghanistan Chapter 21: The First Educated Woman in Korphe Chapter 22: Stones into Schools Q & A with Amira Mortenson Time Line Glossary Who's Who in Three Cups of Tea Readers Guide

So Much More Than Just a Book

It's a book but then so are the latest bestsellers yet they offer nothing beyond a mindless distraction. To say Three Cups of Tea is about peace is to say that Mortensen goes hiking in the mountains. To say it's about building schools in the most desolate, remote, obscure part of the planet is to say an idealistic young man had a wild idea. Mortenson and co-author David Oliver Relin bring the reader to the foot of K2, into a village so isolated from everything that there doesn't even exist a bridge to connect them to the world beyond the raging river that flows from the glacier fields. There Mortenson introduces us to children so eager to learn they work multiplication tables in the dirt without benefit of a teacher or books. How does this man, so grateful to the people who saved his life, repay them? One school at a time. It's a truely inspirational story of what any of us, including a kid born in Minnesota, can do to change the world. The fact that the book is also a true page-turner and is so "can't put it down, don't interrupt me, I gotta know what happens next" good makes this must reading for every high school senior, every empty-nester, every one of us wondering what to do with the rest of our lives. Although I likely won't venture to the high mountains of Pakistan or Tibet, Mortenson has inspired me to find a way to make a difference. Go read it and find your inspiration!!!

A MUST read

Greg Mortenson's three cups of tea is an account of his unsuccessful attempt on mighty K2, world's second highest peak in Himalayas. Though unsuccessful, his failure embarked him on a mission to educate people of an area inhabitants of breath taking hills and valleys and virgin plains. Whats mind boggling about his adventure is his spirit of self sacrifice for a people of a land much misunderstood by the west. His story proves that with love, compassion and sincerity, you can melt the hearts, even those of mountains. Rightly regarded a hero in Northern Pakistan, his book would go a long way in bridging the divide between the inhabitants of East and West. If you haven't read the book, you are Missing on something. Highly recommended.

STOP what you are doing...

you.. yes YOU behind the terminal, surfing the web, maybe finding that cheap chotcky to buy or something. Stop what you are doing if you have come across this book and this review. You need to read this more than you think! Within the confines of 350 pages you can be transported to a world that for most Westerner's and specifically Americans, is probably very unknown, and more than likely, highly misunderstood. In this world you will be introduced to a man named Greg Mortenson, or as you soon to know him, as Greg Sahib.. The story that is told by David Oliver Revin, will not just be inspiring, will not be just teeth clenching, it will make you re-evaluate what you do in your life. While most of us may talk about the incapacity of the administration, or some (unfortunatly) the hatred of the middle East, or maybe some of you are even lying down in the streets, but there is ONE person who is TRULY doing something about the problems of foreign policy by litteraly getting his hands dirty touching the earth to build a school foundation, and risking his life ten times over. When you have read this journey, you will be saying to yourself, did he really do that? That guy is CRAZY! Did that really happen?, the Taliban? , How is that possible? In the journey that is fortold of a change of fate through a failed mountain expedition, you can see what the spirit of the individual can do and how it can be transformed. As the events of 9/11 soon come to fruition, Greg couldn't be in a better place at the right time, and with David's narration, you are litteraly put in the drivers seat. After reading Mortensen's journey, you will want to litteraly book a plane ticket to somewhere you have never been before. In reading the accomplishments of a somewhat flawed (hey what person is perfect) individual, you will feel small and insignifigant. David Relin will not just explain what Greg did, he will make you live it, with some enjoyable side narrations that will make you grin. In Three Cups of Tea, David has managed more than anything to explain the heart of a problem (Islamic hatred of the West) of a very complicated nature (through numerous foreign policy debacles and politics spanning decades), and how one man knows of an easy solution (Go to poor regions of the Middle East and give education and extend the olive branch. Build schools for the poorest of the poor, ecspecially for girls. And more importantly, let them know that it was done.. by an American). As if it was so difficult to understand. I encourage you to take this journey and figure out that sometimes the biggest problems in life require some of the most common sense solutions. I also echo the other comments on here that you should buy this book from the actually CAI institute and consider a donation as well. Greg Mortensen is doing what he is doing best, and his passion comes through the pages. For myself my passion is to write. Like Gregg I feel it is what I can do best (when I pu
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