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Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)

(Book #1 in the The Twilight Saga Series)

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Format: Paperback

Condition: Very Good

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Book Overview

When Isabella Swan moves to the gloomy town of Forks and meets the mysterious, alluring Edward Cullen, her life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn. With his porcelain skin, golden eyes, mesmerizing voice, and supernatural gifts, Edward is both irresistible and impenetrable. Up until now, he has managed to keep his vampire identity hidden, but Bella is determined to uncover his dark secret.

Customer Reviews

24 ratings

Quality description on order was unclear

I ordered this book along with some others and was very surprised that despite being listed as "Very Good", it was in surprisingly poor condition. My biggest complaint is that it did not come with a dust jacket, and it did not detail that in the description. A few other books in my order were the same way. No dust jacket or an ex-library book with no forewarning. Just be aware that this is something you may run into as well.

Amazing book, good condition, and I'm confused why is it so small? Smaller print?

I love the twilight series. I have had these books before and have read them over and over again. For some reason this first book is SO much smaller than than the one I had before if I remember correctly. I can't figure out why though.

very excited to read!!

came perfectly, i ordered the 'very good' condition. with my first look at the book, there were no markings nor damages that would affect my read.

Great saga. Books are better than the movies.

I love the twilight series. Great story you can read over and over again.

Love it

The first edition of many greats, good to collect all and have in your library. I now have them all and will read to my son.

I paid for a good condition HARDBACK book. I got a decent condition PAPERBACK.

There is nowhere for me to report that they gave me a paperback book when I ordered (and paid for) a HARDBACK book. It wouldn’t make a different if this wasn’t a gift. But it is. And I’m extremely irritated.

Disappointed. I bought the “like new” and it should have been listed under “good.” It was missing th

Love the story. Read it over and over.

The book has no cover to it

The book has no cover to it and it’s very poor looking

beat up

i ordered like new and it definitely was not. the cover was creased and the front page was folded so i was very disappointed in that but whatever at least it’s readable.

Looks nice

Para ser un libro 'acceptable' tiene muy buena pinta, definitivamente valio la pena comprarlo

I thought it was just product placement for the movies...

the car company Volvo was named 17 times in this book.

Beyond Amazed

I made sure to get the whole series but I am starting off with twilight and let me tell you I love it more than the movies, how ever thanks to the movies I visualize the characters a lot better! Must read!

I love the book!

The Twilight book is so much better than the movie. They change a lot of stuff in the movie, which is mostly understandable but makes the books more enjoyable. Plus the condition of the book was good for being used.

I quickly found that the books are better than the movies. I finished the book in a day and was not

I believe anyone could fall into this world, it is a great read. The story is easy to follow and it is easy to get attached to the fictional characters. I liked it because the words flow so easily that you can see it all happening in your head and you forget that you’re actually reading.

condition of the book

Ordered “Like New” however, the book is really beat up and should have been labeled as “good”. It is definitely not Like New and I am disappointed


Great condition for a preowned book. Really looks likes new.

The Twlight Saga

Everybody should know what this series is about by now. It's my 4th or 5th time reading these books. I'm a sucker, what can I say.

You can never read this series too many times!!!

Stephanie includes a lot of neat details that aren't in the movies. For example, the movies do not include the connection between Alice and James. I thought it was nice to have that little back story. Enjoy!

Not my favourite but it is okay... 😅

I have nothing against this story. I kinda like it. Okay, I have a soft spot for it so that's keeping me from burning it. Truthfully speaking. I hate love stories. Period. But this one is a little okay in my reading list because it has vamps. Reviews are for you. The one who wants to buy this book and I'll help you. Okay? If I don't like this book, doesn't mean you should too. First thing first. It is a story about this hopeless girl, who fell in love with the Mr perfect guy. Tadah. If you're interested, go on buy it. If you are anticipating in some actions that will leave you on the edge of your seat, you better grab HP or PJO. It does have some actions but not thrilling enough. Therefore my review is buy it IF you love classics love stories. IF you love mystery and and actions stop reading other reviews and my advice is to scroll up and search for HP or PJO.

I'm surprised at all the anger some people have over this series...

In Defense of the Book... Alright, alright. Calm down. So, some of you didn't enjoy the book. The biggest downfall to this series is not that it is jam-packed with cliches, or that Bella is completely hopeless. The biggest downfall has got to be the marketing--the fact that every one of you disappointed readers had gotten your hopes up for 'the next big thing,' only to find that it wasn't to your liking. Let me point out that 1) this was written for teenagers. And not in the sense that Harry Potter was written for teenagers--because it wasn't--but this was made specifically catering to the girly longings most teenage girls have. Yes, it appeals to some of us adults. I found it a refreshing change from my complex, heavy-plotted novels that I've grown bored of as of late. 2) Yes, Bella is hopeless. She doesn't think there is an interesting speck to her. Honestly, do any of us think such things? Bella would HARDLY be interesting if she knew she was beautiful. If she had one talent to her, aside from the protection her mind has from any sort of assault, everyone would be griping about that. I remember reading a book about a woman who had a dozen talents. I hated her for it. and 3) Yes, of course the book is remarkably cheesy at times. Sometimes, it's what we want. The series only gets cheesier, mind you. And I loved every moment of it. Almost. (I found myself angry with a certain character in 'Eclipse.' But not angry with Meyer. Still, the anger lasted for quite some time.) I'm a writer, too. It's made reading books a little less enjoyable, because I'm constantly picking at other novels. I barely finish them nowadays, and if I do, it takes me ages. Of course there were problems with Twilight. There are problems with every novel. And I can see why some people wouldn't enjoy the book just as I can see why so many girls adore it. If you take the book too seriously... if you expect something life-changing, of course you aren't going to like it. But the book was fun. I had fun. Amazingly, I finished all three books in less than a week. I couldn't put them down. My Review Despite some flaws in the novel... and I'm not talking about grammatical or spelling errors, I'm talking about odd glitches in the plot... I ADORED it, Stephenie Meyer. I'm amazingly picky about vampire novels, and I HATE romance novels right down to my core. But I loved this series. I loved Bella... she was human to me. She was selfish, and she struggled to be seen as good while all the while letting her desires win over. I loved her attitude, and her sarcasm. I love that she was very weird. And of course, I loved Edward, but that I won't get into. That's only because I'm a girl. There was never a boring moment, to me, in the entire series. I devoured each book in record time... and quickly moved on to the next. Now, I'm left with a horrible ache as I wait for August to roll around. Maybe I'll try The Host next, to ease my longing. In fact, that has to be one of my complaints--where

Awesome Romance Without Any Objectionable Content.

Looking for a great gift for a teen girl, but hate all the objectionable content in Young Adult books? This is a real pageturner. It is an absolutely fabulous book. My female teen patrons (I'm a librarian) adored it and begged for the sequel. I could go on and on. But, especially interesting to more conservative parents, it is rated G (as is the sequel).


All I can say is: OH.MY.GOD. It was wonderful. I laughed, I cried, I read it ten times. I have never read a vamp. book as good as this one. Anne Rice writes wonderful books- but this one is just so modern that it's easier to relate to. Thats all there is to it: this book is fantastic. Just have to say- I can't wait to read it again. Favorite line: "As if you could outrun me!"

It's my new favorite book.

When I first picked up this book, I wasn't expecting much, just another book that would just sit on the shelf collecting dust. But when I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. It's one of those books that you can really feel like you're in the book. I loved the book so much, I was sad when it ended, I wanted to read more. Then ending almost killed me, I want to know what happened! But I heard there is going to be a sequal so that will be better. All I have to say, is its a really good book, and if you havn't read it, you should.

Surprising Debut

I was a lot like other people in that I was nervous about reading a YA author. I wasn't expecting to feel as close to the heroine as I did. Nor was I expecting to love the story as much as I did. Bella is shy and smart and very sweet. She is in an awkward place at the beginning of the novel. Her mother recently got remarried and Bella has decided to go and live with her father for awhile so that her mom and new step father have time to spend together. Her father lives in a rainy gloomy place that Bella has a very hard time acclimating to, since she has spent most of her life in Phoenix. She starts a new school and meets an interesting variety of people. Amazingly enough she makes a few friends her first day. There at the new school is where she first spots Edward Cullen. He and his brothers and sisters are by far the most beautiful kids at school. They are also the most aloof and isolated. Bella is immediately intimidated and fascinated at the same time. She finds that she has a class with Edward and thus begins their rather tumultuous and intense relationship. Edward misses a lot of school, she never sees him on a day where there are no clouds, and she never sees him eat. All of these things make her curious and eventually he is forced to share his secret and to admit how much she means to him. This is a very sweet book. I would say almost perfect for teenagers. Edward loves Bella with a very pure love. He is aware at all times that he could harm her without really even trying. His restraint and pain at holding back his affection for her is very real. Her determination to be a part of his life and to accept his darkness, no matter what, is equally inspiring. This is definitely a book that I will recommend at the bookstore I work.

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