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Paperback Voyage on the Great Titanic, the Diary of Margaret Ann Brady Book

ISBN: 0439603765

ISBN13: 9780439603768

Voyage on the Great Titanic, the Diary of Margaret Ann Brady

(Part of the Dear America Series and My Story: Girls Series)

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Book Overview

This description may be from another edition of this product. One of the most popular Dear America diaries of all time, Ellen Emerson White's bestselling VOYAGE ON THE GREAT TITANIC is now back in print with a gorgeous new package!Five years ago, Margaret Ann...

Customer Reviews

6 ratings

Loved it in 7th garde, love it now

This was one of the first Dear America books I read. I loved it then and I love it now. My little 7th grade heart broke with the characters as well as rejoiced with them. O highly recommend this book as well as all the other ones in the series to both boys and girls alike. Very beautiful and can be very feminist powering :)

Wonderful fictional diary of a young girl on the Titanic.

This book was originally published as part of the Dear America series of historical diaries. This edition of the book has been published as a part of the My Story series, which also consists of fictional historical diaries. Thirteen-year-old Margaret Ann Brady lives at an orphanage in London. Her parents have died, and she longs to join her older brother, who has immigrated to Boston, in America. Margaret gets what she thinks is the opportunity of a lifetime: a job as the companion of Mrs. Carstairs, a wealthy American woman traveling home on the Titanic. All Margaret has to do is keep Mrs. Carstairs company on the voyage, and she will get free passage to America where she can join her brother. And she will get the chance to travel on the grandest ship ever built. Margaret describes in her diary the luxuries of first class through the eyes of a child who has lived her life in poverty, her adventures on the ship, and the tragedy that occurs when the Titanic hits an iceberg and sinks. Young readers who enjoy diary historical fiction, or who are fascinated by the story of the Titanic, are sure to love Margaret's diary. I think it is one of the best novels for young readers about the disaster. I'd definitely recommend it to readers who have an interest.

Excellent book

Margaret Ann Brady is a 13 year old girl living in an orphanage in England. Her brother William left her there when her parents died so she would be taken care of while he was in America. Margaret gets the opportunity of a lifetime when she is chosen to go on the great ship, the Titanic, with a rich American woman named Mrs. Carstairs. She will be a helper, and also a companion to Mrs. Carstairs, and she will finally be able to be with William again, and see America for the first time.While on the Titanic Margaret meets a young boy, only a few years older than herself, named Robert. She becomes very fond of him, and they become great friends.Trouble starts one night while sailing in the Titanic. Robert comes running down the hall of the ship and waking everyone up. Supposedly they have hit an iceberg. The woman and children are all put into small boats and taken away. Margaret makes sure that Mrs. Carstairs gets into a boat, but runs off to find Robert. Robert cannot leave the ship on one of the boats because he is a worker and he has to try and save others. Margaret thinks that all of the boats are gone and that she will die on this boat, but she makes it onto the last boat, and...Well I won't tell you the rest, you'll have to find out for yourself.This was an excellent book, and it was written incredibly well. I recommend this book to any historical fiction fans, or anyone interested in the Titanic.

Exciting! It deserves more than 5 stars!

This book is marvelous. It is fun to read and not hard to understand. Voyage on the Great Titanic is about an British orphan named Margaret Brady. She has the job of a wealthy American's companion, Mrs. Carstairs, who is traveling to America to see her daughter and son-in-law and new grandchild. Margaret is enthralled! Instead of waiting years for her brother William to get the money for her passage, she gets to come to America for FREE. She is thankful to be in first class with Mrs. Carstairs and her dog because Margaret would really be in third class if she wasn't a traveling with a wealthy woman. When Margaret sees the Titanic she can't believe her luck! Not only was she going to go to America to see her brother, but she was traveling on the most luxirious and HUGE SHIP! I won't go any farther; everyone knows what happened to the Titanic. But this story is poignant, beautiful, and romantic. I don't mean REALLY romantic, but romantic in a sweet way. Margaret is a great character. She's hilarious at times! Anyone would cherish this quickly-paced story, but just to warn you: It goes by VERY fast, since the Titanic was only on the ocean for a few days. And it's cool to read how Margaret was so amazed by the fancy rooms on the ship. READ this along with all the other Dear America books. I recommend So Far From Home, Color Me Dark, and possibly my favorite: A COAL MINER'S BRIDE.

The opportunity of her life turns into a nightmare.

Thirteen-year-old Margaret, the fictional passenger that is the "writer" of the "diary" that makes up this book, shouldn't have even been on the Titanic. By a twist of fate that she interprets as good fortune, the orphan, who has been living at an orphanage since her mother died and her brother decided he couldn't care for her properly, gets a job with a wealthy American woman, Mrs. Carstairs. The job is fairly simple: Margaret just has to keep Mrs. Carstairs company during her return voyage to New York, and it comes with a ticket to America. Margaret takes the job eagerly: her brother now is living and working in America, able to support her, and has been saving up for a ticket for her for awhile. Now she can join him immediatley. But Mrs. Carstairs is returning to America on the Titanic. And we all know that voyage is doomed to end of tragedy. So Margaret unknowingly heads off into a disaster. We see through her eyes how the luxuries of first class would appear to a child who lived in poverty all of her life. And of course, the disaster plays a large role in the story as well. I highly reccomend this to fans of the Dear America series, historical fiction, and of course, the Titanic!

This book is a great adventure story.

In the book there's Margaret, William, Sister Cathrine, Robert, and Captain Edward Smith. When Margaret and William's parents died William was left with him and his sister to look after. When it got to hard for William to look after two people he left his sister at a orphange where he said he would come back for her. When Margaret Ann Brady grew up, she was about 14 1/2. She got to go on a ship with a rich, fancy lady. She thought she was going to be a maid instead of a passenger on the Titanic. Sister Katherine couldn't believe it herself. But, finally after all that thinking, she accepted the invitation. When Margaret gave their tickets to the stewered he was a good looking boy, named Robert, she looked up to him. In the follwing days that occured, Margaret and Robert grew close, while her and the lady grew apart. While the Titanic went farther west, the climate was getting colder and the crew knew what that meant icebergs at night. They were right. The Titanic sank at 11:48 p.m. April 14, 1912. Only 700 people survived, and left many others freeze in the deep blue Atlantic Sea. I liked this book and I certainly would recommend it, but the part I didn't like was one all those people died.
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