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Paperback What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about(TM): Premenopause : Balance Your Hormones and Your Life from Thirty to Fifty Book

ISBN: 0446673803

ISBN13: 9780446673808

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about(TM): Premenopause : Balance Your Hormones and Your Life from Thirty to Fifty

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Book Overview

An expert in women's health offers a safe, proven, effective hormone balance program for the more than 50 million women suffering from premenopause syndrome

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenapause

I've never been the kind of person who would care about this kind of thing. But after a very frustrating year, I was extremely frustrated with my doctors. I'm in my early 30's(!) and have been having numerous symptoms that my doctors said weren't related and it couldn't possibly be premenapause because I'm WAY too young. Now, I am finally understanding how the numerous xeno-hormones and major stress are causing my premenapausal symptoms and I'm learning how to take better care of myself so that my body does NOT start this phase too early! It also talks about the difference between natural and synthetic hormones and how we are ALL exposed on a normal basis and how they build up. It was a little difficult at first with the medical jargon, but he continually reinforces and builds on his findings from his and others' research. It is AMAZING how little MY doctors know about this! You would think my OB/GYN would be well-versed in this area, but everything they gave me made my symptoms worse! So don't automatically assume that a doctor will hold all the answers to your health, you need to do your own research and be your own advocate! That way, you will at least be well-informed. On top of that, they simply wouldn't consider any natural remedies (anything that didn't require a perscription). I went and got some natural progesterone (this book tells you exactly what to look for) and within a week I could tell the difference. That and some life-style changes (less stress, better food) have made an enormous difference. Not only that, I just found out last week that I'm pregnant! If you are having problems in this area too, I highly recommend reading this book before you go to a fertility clinic!!

Feeling like myself again

After multiple trips to the doctor regarding my weight gain, sluggishness, loss of libido and weird menstural cycle and getting no answers, I was recommended this book. I have been enlightened to learn that what I am experiencing is not so much a "medical problem", but a natural progeression towards menopause. The unpleasant symptoms of this are to a large extent controllable through diet, supplements and exercise. The book treats premenopause with respect and allows you to feel good about yourself instead of dreading the whole aspect as "an unfortunate part of getting old". My doctor wouldn't address the issue, but now I can go in and address it with him on my own terms.

Every woman should read this book

Dr. Lee and natural progesterone hormone creams have changed the lives of countless, countless women for the better. There are incredible amounts of xenoestrogens in our environment, chemicals that act on our bodies like estrogen. These are found in most petroleum based products (mineral oil, plastics, etc) and have an effect on our bodies that is subtle, yet can grow to be quite disruptive to our lives, and even deadly in some cases. The tragic death of Dana Reeve, a non-smoker with lung cancer, has brought to the forefront the fact that, of nonsmokers with lung cancer, 80% are WOMEN (source: USA Today, March 8th, Life section). This article even says that this is likely due to an estrogen effect. Natural progesterone helps to keep hormones in balance in a woman's body. Synthetic progestin IS NOT THE SAME, does not work on the body in the same way, and should not be used for long periods of time. Why doesn't your doctor know about this? Because most of the information she/he gets is from the pharmaceutical companies. Pharma cannot patent a natural element like natural progesterone, so they can't make money off of it. Hence, they push the synthetic hormones which have proved to be detrimental to women's health. PLEASE read Dr. Lee's book, and share with the women that you love. It is critical to your and their lifelong health and well-being. If you have more questions or want to learn how you can get natural progesterone cremes, click on my name above to send me an email.

A must-read for all women 35 and up.

PREVENT A HYSTERECTOMY: I write this after just having had surgery (abdominal hysterectomy) two weeks ago ... and having come across the book only two weeks prior to surgery. If only two or three months ago I'd been aware of Dr. Lee's book, I truly believe my hysterectomy could have been prevented, nevertheless, refusing my doctor's recommended HRT, I tried the progesterone cream and was amazed with the immediate results: headaches were alleviated; improved mental acuity, energy, and skin tone. Had I known of the book's contents 15 years ago, I believe I would have saved myself from not only surgery and fibrous breast tissue, but numerous other debilitating ailments: migraines, clinical depression, fatigue, lack of concentration along with other symptoms which Dr. Lee listed due to estrogen dominance. My doctor did what he believed to be best for me, however, being conventional, he prescribed therapy which only enhanced the estrogen dominance, leading ultimately to excessive bleeding and anemia. Only after surgery was he able to tell me either my ovary or uterus was four times normal size -- hyperestrogen (loaded with it)! His recommendation had been a total hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oopherectomy (removal of uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes and both ovaries), however, he honored my request to save both ovaries if possible ... (even though only one remains). If not for Dr. Lee, I'd never have requested such. Even though I have regrets of not knowing earlier of this informative book, I am extremely thankful for the knowledge of progesterone cream application versus conventional HRT. I look forward to renewed life ahead! Thank you, Dr. Lee! ... P.S. I'm hunting for a doctor who practices alternative medicine.

For women who've been wondering "What's happening to me?"

Dr. Lee has done it again with a very comprehensive book for women ages 30-50. We spend much more time in the pre-menopause years than most people think. It's a time to build our bodies, regulate our hormones, and get our bones strong before the onset of menopause. If you've ever wondered why your body seems to be "out to get you", this book may provide some answers. With the addition of Dr. Jesse Hanley, a traditional MD who's added a number of "complementary" therapies to her treatment of patients (massage, acupuncture, holistic practices, nutritional support, etc), Dr. Lee broadens his ideas from just the use of natural progesterone to the inclusion of a well-rounded treatment plan. Dr. Lee includes some of the newer research that's been done since his last book, but still is the leading proponent of natural progesterone, and, where needed, natural estrogens. It's your body; I recommend reading about what's happening to it and how to get yourself back to normal. I, for one, am so happy to know there are safer alternatives to the pharmecutical concotions used in traditional HRT. Chapters include topics on: PMS, stress, exercise, nutrition, contraceptive use/misuse, breast cancer, uterine and cervical abnormalities, osteoporosis, heart attacks, and more. There is a comprehensive index, recommened reading list and references, as well as a resource section. 395 pages. Easy to read though packed with information.
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